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Zak Elep (zakame)
Pinoy (Perl|Java{,Script}) Hacker. Recovering Sysadmin. Cat Herder.
Pinoy (Perl|Java{,Script}) Hacker. Recovering Sysadmin. Cat Herder.

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Heed Ovid's wise words!
What? You're still here?

In that case, you might want to read my latest blog entry. Because there's been such a spike in traffic to my blog since the election, I wrote a primer for people new to the "how to become an expat" blog.

There's even a special message for those who want to flee the country because of Trump.

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Philippine Emacs Users' Group had its first meetup last Wednesday:

It was just a simple get-together of some 6 people, I talked a bit about some ways to set up customizing emacs (from .emacs to .emacs.d/init.el and using stuff like use-package, git submodules, and previewing tarsius_' borg,) while Karlo Licudine talked about his experience of using Emacs (having started just a few months ago, and on Window for Haxe programming to boot!)

We'll definitely have a next meetup this July!

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I gave a talk on editing JavaScript with Emacs last night:

Here's my slides (actually an OrgMode init file!) Of course, its not exhaustive (it was mainly derived from my own personal ~/.emacs.d .) Feel free to check it out and improve on it!

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Hell froze.

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No ice cream they say... #ubericecream
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Goodnight Deadpooligans! 

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"docker" functionality implemented in 100 lines of bash, very nice hack.  Shows just how powerful btrfs is, along with the 'ip' tool.
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