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Gavin Jackson
Canberra Geek, Father, a Photographer who dabbles in code.
Canberra Geek, Father, a Photographer who dabbles in code.

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I wanted to extend to you all the opportunity to attend Amazon Web Service’s Worldwide Public Sector Event! This AWS event is happening in Canberra, Australia.

I'm going to send a message to your mailing list. Please allow it to go through as this is definitely something your members would be interested in.

RSVP here --> apac_EV_awscanberrasummit17_20170707&sc_publisher=aws&sc_medium=em_canberrasummit2017&sc_content=event_ev_summit&sc_country=au&sc_geo=apac&sc_category=mult&sc_outcome=event&trk=nickSummit

This will be a two-day event full of bootcamps and break-out sessions. We'll be having food and goodies throughout both days.

Here are the particulars.

Where: National Convention Centre Canberra, 31 Constitution Ave, Canberra ACT 2601
Dates: 29-30 August
Cost: Free for most. If you have a .edu, .gov, or .org email address, you're free! If you have a .com like me, you have to pay, unfortunately.
Geek Level: 7
Fun Level: 10

So, if you're looking to learn new skills, meet great digital/tech people, or just "get away from the office", this event will do the trick.

p.s. RSVP soon, as the cost is subject to change at any time!

Nicholas Bailey
Amazon Web Services
Global Demand Generation, Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

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Another old shot reprocessed in Lightroom CC (shot with a Sony A100 10 years ago!).

"Lake Manapouri"

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Going through some old photos and found this one ...

"The sky is on fire..."

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Loving the Heos range of wireless speakers (and spotify of course!).

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Nice one!
Avoiding heavy rain showers, I explored Noble Falls for long exposure images during the daytime. For the story behind this image check out my latest vlog!

Video Link -

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This is a great idea - I'm starting it today!

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This is pretty nuts - I think I'm going to have to check this out!

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A whole lot of python videos:
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