Tomorrow (Monday, January 9th) is the first day back for many Brits, Europeans and Aussies (may Asia too?) -- how about you? Have you been busy working during the first week of the year, or did you take some extra time for vacay?

It always seems Americans take far less vacation time in any given year than the people in other parts of the world. Are the U.S. folks socialized to be "workaholics?"

I always have grand intentions of hitting the ground running on January 2nd. However, I had such a wonderful slo-mo, connected, meaningful Christmas and New Year this year, it's taken me longer than I thought to get back into the full swing of things!

I'm now working on a BIG launch coming up in a few weeks and am adding many new members to my team, with the helpful guidance of my awesome new business coach. Phew, my one-word theme of GROWTH is already kicking in, whether I'm ready or not. It's a good thing. :)

Btw, you can check out more about my one-word theme concept here and feel free to put in practice yourself too:
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