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Shehab Ahmed
Nothing to say.. Just a geek ✌
Nothing to say.. Just a geek ✌


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Anyone tried V.2.0 ? πŸ‘€ it is a real android Oreo look and feel not just changing some buttons 😜

Preview :

| Please Note πŸ“ : this theme requires Root as it has advanced theming

Official thread πŸ‘‡

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Friend of mine wants to exit beta program on this app he owns XZP, I sent him the same instructions that pinned to the group but didn't work with him. So can anyone tell the method to do it?

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This should be free for every Sony user. Give us some specials!!!

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Anyone facing this bug?

Scrolling in widgets make app drawer appears.

EDIT: it only happens with what's new widget so I guess it not directly related to you!

Xperia Z5 Nougat Stock 7.1.1 FW .54

Is it possible to add support for black status bar icons when setting a white wallpaper?

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Good idea to make wallpaper activity public .. But it is laggy and causes restart to home and sometimes force close

R.I.P :(

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I suggest to add a black shadow in the lockscreen preview because the wallpaper on the lockscreen is always darker than the original one

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Again good job but u forgot to add some animations to improve user experience and no need to this bar when sliding down from app drawer .. TBH it looks ugly and I feel a little heavy while swiping up and down ..

Please don't forget to add some animations for the new swiping functions and for the apps shortcuts

Update : You can make slide down animation when we swipe to close the app tray ( Thanks to +Gerald Emeterio​ )

Suggestion : what about adding a little arrow above the dock when the app drawer icon is disabled ?
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