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terry tumbler
Writer of "A Wacky World" and "The Dreadnought Collective" series of books.
Writer of "A Wacky World" and "The Dreadnought Collective" series of books.

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Unleash the Dogs of War
If the voters of the UK are so determined to undermine the Government in its campaign to get the best Brexit deal it can on behalf of the country, let them have what they deserve. …..CALL AN IMMEDIATE, FRESH ELECTION. If they truly believe in the capabiliti...

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The emerging danger within
I am talking about a man I first saw on Sky News this morning, who even made Stephen Dixon squirm in embarrassment. I am talking about Jamie Kelsey-Fry.    I am horrified at the piffle this untidy man with a double-barrelled name gushes. He wants a man who ...

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Grenfell Tragedy - What Needs Doing Now
If I were at the heart of UK government now, here is
what I would do. 1. Call in contractors to start erecting scaffolding
around the surviving high-rise blocks containing suspected fire-risk cladding. 2. Order a supply of commercial fire extinguishers and

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May be, May be not, but questions need to be raised
The question I ask is this:  did the good lady execute a devious plot? Keeping an open mind, let us look at this possibility in greater depth by asking some fundamental questions. 1.  Was the vicar’s daughter as stupid as she’s made out to be with her facil...

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Maybe baby, I don’t love you
Theresa May blew the election with the dementia tax and her inability to think on her feet. She has opened the door to Labour and destroyed the UK’s negotiating position re Brexit. She couldn't have done better if it had been deliberate sabotage.      If th...

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The prospects for cyber crime
How much do you know about cyber crime? Is it true that it is the poor man’s atomic bomb? I would say it is more than that, it is the man in the street’s nuclear bomb.      A recent program on the subject showed me how real and deadly serious this crime is....

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Bile and decency in politics
When I watched the recent live TV debate pitching Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party in the UK, against Theresa May, the Prime Minister, I felt deeply troubled by the attitude of a section of the audience, which was hostile to the PM in particula...

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A tongue-in-cheek way to deal with serious social misfits
By social misfits I mean the whole gamut, ranging from murderers, fanatics, pedophiles, robbers, con artists, the criminally insane, those with aggressive disorders, public menaces and repeat criminal offenders.      The first thing I would do is set a date...

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Hell on Earth exists now
For those of you who watch events unfolding on the news channels and in the newspapers, it is easy to become insensitive to what we see unfolding in the Middle East.      For those who write Sci-Fi books like me, it is easy to overlook the fact that what is...

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The Final Gold Award AND Literary Award for...
The SIGHTSEERS AGENCY, the ultimate book in The Dreadnought Collective series .  A summary of the book reads: Welcome to my fantasy world. It is not set in some mythical universe, but here on young Planet Earth. It relates events happening in the not too di...
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