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Paolo Jose Cruz
Yes, I am "the GeekFight guy", among other things
Yes, I am "the GeekFight guy", among other things

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Here's the map to Ludo from Kalayaan cor. Malingap.

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Yes, I am getting desperate to unlock Nico Minoru. No, I am not proud to be resorting to this. But what the heck, let's see if this works.

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Heads up! is holding a raffle with prizes that include the Double Fine Productions  Humble Bundle -- the one including advance orders for Broken Age. Needless to say, I want some of that good stuff. Hence this blatant plug for the site.

(Although i'm not sure about its usefulness, in this relatively quiet space, but what the heck?)

This might be a shot in the dark, but I figure it's worth asking:

Does anyone here know of a macro that creates a list of tasks to complete, which gets crossed off every time a condition is fulfilled?

Ideally, the list would be displayed in the sidebar of Sugarcane -- or if need be, it could open in a small pop-up window linked from the sidebar.

It doesn't even need to update dynamically with new items (or missions/subquests, if you please)  -- it can be a simple checklist of designated goals that gets fully populated during an early passage, then gradually becomes shorter, as each individual condition comes true.

(May be worth considering as a macro for #twinequest ) 

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I compiled an indie game mixtape based on the theme of Hell on Earth. Cheerful!
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