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A new home!
A new home! Hello there!  I just wanted to write a short post to say that I'm not going to be adding new content to this blog . This post will be my last on the blogger platform. It has been wonderful but I feel that since I am no longer writing about IT re...

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Finally replaced my old Linksys that had dd-wrt. Replaced with the #Linksys WRT 1900AC. The thing is a beast.

+Mike Guild Think we can get someone to put fiber in on Shoreview? Tired of giving Comcast my business.

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A visual representation of seeding before manually bootstrapping AngularJS
If you're just here for the demo, here you go: The Problem As a developer using AngularJS, sometimes you'll want to seed data into some data source (local storage), or make some async calls to a server before your Angula...

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How to type the Dogecoin symbol on a Mac? (Ð, Icelandic capital letter Eth)
Summary Hello Shibes, To type the Dogecoin symbol on a Mac (Ð, an Icelanding uppercase letter called ) is way harder than it should be, but can be done using a combination of Mac's built in text replacement and a Chrome Extension called Popchrom. The first ...

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If your git or homebrew is broken after upgrading to OSX Mavericks, check this out.

Github, why you down bro?

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Erik, take a look at Tableau ($$$$, robust, complex) or myDBR ($, limited features, simple) when you have a chance. Both are able to provide reporting across multiple types of DB to perform BI.  It will be a monetary and time investment to get the data you want, but it may be worth it if you learn about the strength and weaknesses of your business processes.

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Aww Yeoman. You the man.
2013's been good to Yeoman, Grunt and Bower. Learn to freshen and automate your front-end workflow in this 14m pre-I/O video

Automating Your Front-End Workflow With Yeoman 1.0

* Yeoman:
* Grunt:
* Bower:
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