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Really happy to get this out today. You can also visit the installation at the Barbican in London: #threejs   #webgl  

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This SWAT team is preparing for the inevitable day when they are forced to combat the dreaded Donkey Kong and his barrels.

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Something I have been doing for my dear friend Alejandro from Sorgerune.

The WebGL music visualisation in their site is just the beginning of a collaboration that will hopefully take us to some exciting places.

#webgl #threejs

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A little "Hello World" experiment while learning Unity 3D

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Top 5 game Engines of The Future

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Wow. Just found out about this project thanks to +three.js

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r50 (391,250 KB, gzip: 96,143 KB)

* Experimenting with SoftwareRenderer. (mrdoob and rygorous)
* Improved rotation conversion routines. (WestLangley)
* Moved DOMRenderer and SVGRenderer out of common build. (mrdoob)
* Improvements to Morph targets. (alteredq and gero3)
* Added .deallocateMaterial method to WebGLRenderer. (alteredq)
* Added .worldToLocal and .localToWorld methods to Object3D. (zz85 and WestLangley)
* Added ConvexGeometry. (qiao)
* Added node.js build system. (gero3)
* Improvements to Blender exporter. (timbot and alteredq)
* Added uvs and vertex colors support to ImmediateRenderObjects. (alteredq)
* Started implementing LoadingMonitor and EventTarget in loaders. (mrdoob)
* Added Path.ellipse. (linzhp)
* Added near and far properties to Ray. (niklassa)
* Added OrbitControls. (qiao, mrdoob and alteredq)
* Completed some more documentation pages. (mrdoob, phenomnomnominal, FuzzYspo0N, poeschko, wwwtyro, maximeq and alteredq)
* Completed lots more documentation pages. (sole)
* Started reworking GUI. (mrdoob)
* Improved python build system. (gero3)
* Made VTKLoader parsing more robust. (mrdoob)
* Added recursive flag to Ray. (mrdoob)
* Handling resizes properly in controls and examples. (alteredq)
* Improvements to ColladaLoader. (spacecookies)
* Unflipped V coordinate across the whole library. (mrdoob and alteredq)
* Refactored BufferGeometry. (alteredq)
* Improved GL extensions initialisation in WebGLRenderer. (alteredq)
* Rescued SkinnedMesh. (n3tfr34k and alteredq)
* Made OBJLoader parsing more robust. (Dahie)
* Implemented skinning via floating point textures. (alteredq)
* Improved documentation system. (mrdoob and alteredq)
* Added support for anisotropic texture filtering and standard derivatives in WebGLRenderer. (alteredq)
* Added support for ParticleBasicMaterial without map in CanvasRenderer. (mrdoob)
* SceneLoader now supports nested scene graphs and per object custom properties. (skfcz)
* Camera doesn't need to be added to the scene anymore. (mrdoob)
* Object3D's flipSided and doubleSided properties are now Material's side property. (alteredq and mrdoob)
* Added .clone method to *Material. (gero3, mrdoob and alteredq)
IEWEBGL support. (iewebgl and mrdoob)
* Added CircleGeometry. (hughes)
* Added bumpMap to MeshPhongMaterial. (alteredq)
* Added specularMap to MeshBasicMaterial, MeshLambertMaterial and MeshPhongMaterial. (alteredq)
* Reworked python build system. (mrdoob)

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Insane. /via +Edmund Fung 
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