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Vijay Karthik Venkataraman
Part traveller, part sage, part iconoclast. Full time critic.
Part traveller, part sage, part iconoclast. Full time critic.

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Travel - random ramblings on recently covered destinations
Been a long time since I scribbled on travel... after all, its about equal parts off-beat travel too. A few of the trips I did recently t...

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Observations on Indian Foreign Policy over the years
Splitting the original post into 2 so there is logical structure. Syria and India are as different as chalk and cheese and putting both i...

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Simon Johnson on Entrepreneurship
He's one economist that I really appreciate. Both his views and his knowledge. He was also the ex-chief economist of the WB. He currently...

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Syria crisis and general foreign policy and strategic observations
Been reading up on a lot of op-eds recently. Lots of reasons behind it... general insatiable urge to lap up on why things are happening s...

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IBM launches NeXtScale
Slightly late to this beat. So, IBM has launched NeXtScale. So far so good. Tried to probe a bit - Its to do with hyperscaling. [It seeme...
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