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Eric Stacey
SysAdmin/VMware Guy at work, part-time alcoholic outside of work.
SysAdmin/VMware Guy at work, part-time alcoholic outside of work.

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eb page about regular expressions (regex) like crosswords. I think it is nice to practise.

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Here's a sample systemd service file for dump1090, the airplane tracking program.

Change your Lat and Long in the file (or trash them completely), and update the directories/user as necessary. Then put it in /etc/systemd/system and `systemctl daemon-reload; systemctl start dump1090` to test it. `systemctl enable dump1090` to start it at boot.

#systemd #dump1090

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For ICMP services, VMware NSX doesn't use standard ICMP Type + Code notation. Instead they use some shortnames that represents the type + code notation. It includes some shortnames that represent all codes of a type.

Here's a table of what NSX provides. You'll notice it doesn't list all the ICMP types and codes that officially exist (, because NSX doesn't support it.

#nsx #vmware #icmp

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Amazing shots affectionate snow leopards
Beautiful snow leopard pair love of
family - even in the animal kingdom!
It includes four feline species in the genus Panthera : the lion (Panthera leo), tiger (Panthera tigris), leopard (Panthera pardus) and the jaguar (Panthera onca). The members of this genus are the only ones able to roar, and this is considered as a feature of the big cats.
All cats are carnivores efficient predators. Its range includes the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Only Oceania and Antarctica have native species of cats or cats.

#tiger #Animal #leopard #SnowLeopard #wildlife #dog #wildlifephotography #wildlifephotos #feline #Wildlife #Animalphotography #Wildlife #panthera #travel #romantic #Lion #Lion #tiger #jaguar
#América #África #Asia #Europa #bigcats
#beauty #nature #naturephotography
#amazing #world #Earth #Amazing 
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"All illness is a great leveller, but none levels like mental illness. It remains the poor relation of medicine. Research is paltry. Therapies are halfhearted. Drugs are primitive. But addictive and depressive illness seems to probe deep into the relations between individuals and those around them. It is the crack in the window that can seem beyond mending. The sadness of the clown goes beyond irony. It is one of the great mysteries of life."

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The Otways in Victoria, Australia is a national park that is largely (I think) a temperate rain forest.  There are a lot of great "off the beaten path" waterfalls/campgrounds/etc, but a lesser known (I don't really hear about tourists going there) place is the Californian Redwood forest.  It is serene.  For part of the time I was there, I was pretty sure I was the only person around for kilometers, and this ancient silence was heavy throughout the forest (when not by the bubbling brook).  There was no mobile phone reception.  It is just you and nature.  Under the redwood trees it is dark (Google's Enhancer auto-brightened the photos), quiet, and ominous.  It was amazing.  The ground under the core bunch of trees has no plants on it, not even small ones can grow due to the lack of light.  There's only branches of tree needles in various states of green/brown, depending on when they fell from the trees.

It was chilly and damp, but an amazing place to be.  I need to go again when it has warmed up.   Being there on your own feels like something special.  I like a lot of the Otways, but that place is now my favourite.

Due to the phone's crappy microphone, it really couldn't properly pick up the brook, which sounded like a real small waterfall/bubbling brook.  It was extremely peaceful.  The microphone properly picked up the absence of sound that was in the second video taken away from the brook.  It was wild how muted everything was.  I felt like I was imposing on an ancient world.  These trees are only ~90 years old, too!
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Check out that #ingress field over a lot of Victoria, Australia (including Melbourne, Geelong, and Ballarat).  Beautiful.

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Hovell's Creek Trail, Shelter area.

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I'd almost forgotten about this 1998 Red Hat language installation choice. You all have a good time with it now you hear. 

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... and Flynn goes full circle.
This is a familiar sight. Free agent quarterback Matt Flynn will sign with the Packers, according to reports.

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