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In Freedom's Cause
Telling the Timeless Tale of Freedom For All Ages
Telling the Timeless Tale of Freedom For All Ages


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! You have spoken. We have listened. :) We will be transitioning to ONE account rather than having multiple accounts for each audio adventure. Therefore, please head on over to +Heirloom Audio Productions and add it to your circles, as that is the one we will be updating. Please share and spread the word!

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One of our favorite bloopers from our In Freedom's Cause recording sessions: When Peter Goodwright received a phone call from the queen. :)‬ #Blooper #InFreedomsCause #JoanneFroggatt #AudioDrama  

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Priceless and shareworthy. :) This is a clip from one of our "Win A Trip To Scotland" entries! Have you submitted YOUR video yet? Enter for your chance to win at P.S. Perhaps we should think about casting this young lady as the heroine of our next Scottish adventure? #Scotland #WilliamWallace #InFreedomsCause  

To consolidate? Or not to consolidate? THAT is the question. :) We've been considering combining all of our pages into one account; namely, an Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty page. Would you encourage us to go that route? Or do you like having separate pages for each Heirloom Audio Production? We want to hear from you! Please cast your vote in the comments below! #CastYourVote  

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A very eye-opening article from Live The Adventure: "Christian Parenting in the Midst of Violent Media – Part 1." Parents, we want to hear from you. How do YOU filter the media that enters your households? #LiveTheAdventure #Parenting #Violence #Media  

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Wow. Heirloom Audio Productions put together yet another great cast for With Lee In Virginia! Check out their newest promo. Please +1, comment, and share if you support Heirloom Audio!
Enjoy this sneak peak at Heirloom Audio's newest audio adventure, With Lee In Virginia. If you're a fan of Heirloom Audio Productions, please +1, share, and comment below! #WithLeeInVirginia #OfficialTrailer #SeanAstin #KirkCameron  

Wow...thanks to an overwhelming response from our listeners, we now have SEVENTY-FIVE amazing Amazon reviews! And that's not all. We also received over THREE HUNDRED 5-star reviews via email!!! Just goes to show you that the old adage remains true: "It never hurts to ask." :) A huge thank you to all who took the time to review In Freedom's Cause! #InFreedomsCause #Reviews #NeverHurtsToAsk #Gratitude  

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Have you submitted your video for the Win A Trip To Scotland contest yet!? Just received another great entry yesterday that is already accruing votes for the $500 Audience Choice Award! Hop on board and submit your videos! Scotland awaits. :) #IFCVideoContest #InFreedomsCause #Scotland #WinATrip  

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IT'S TIME TO RALLY TOGETHER! Our predecessor Under Drake's Flag is up for two Audie Awards and we just found out that +Audible will be LIVE-STREAMING tonight's ceremony! Please let Under Drake's Flag know that you're cheering them on by using the hashtag‪ #HentyAtTheAudies . The link to the live stream is below and the ceremony begins at 6:30 PM CST. Let's make Under Drake's Flag go viral, shall we!? :) ‪ #Audies2015 #UnderDrakesFlag #Audible  

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Just one more reason to visit Scotland...these Loch Ness Glamping "Armadillas" that come with all the amenities: beds, storage, TV, bathroom, even underfloor heat! :) #VisitScotland #LochNess #Camping #InFreedomsCause  
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