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Rianna's Thoughts on... Majora's Mask and Her Mega Hype for the Remake
Well, if anyone out there is a Legend of Zelda fan, no doubt you've heard the news. And if you haven't, let me get you up to speed... The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is coming out remade for the Nintendo 3DS, and It. Looks. Awesome. I was super excited w...

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So Long, Farewell!
Well, readers, I'm sure you've guessed it already... I'm hanging up my apron in the food review business. I know, it's sad to hear... It's sad for me to say... The last thing I want to do is let any one of you down and I'm sorry. But food reviewing just got...

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Rianna's Thoughts on... SPBNRs
Ever since I've gotten in junior year of high school, I've been thinking of myself as more and more of a Smart Person But Not Really. What is a Smart Person But Not Really, a SPBNR, if you will? (Yeah sorry... that's the best acronym I could come up with). ...

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Rianna's Thoughts on... Introductions and the Reason She Just Can't Write
Introductions are never easy. I'm not talking about the "Hi, hello, my name is Steve" introductions. Those introductions are typically easy to do (Well, unless you're going up against a fearsome Minotaur or something, at which point I'd question just  why y...

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Rianna's Thoughts on... Anatomy and Physiology and Why She Hates the Classes She Hates
At the point of this writing, I am sitting in my most dreaded class... the terrible... the horrifying... Anatomy and Physiology. And as I am sitting here writing, completely ignoring my teacher's lecture on osteocytes or whatever else, I begin to think, "Wh...

Check out Sweet & SavoRi for a long-awaited food review this Saturday! ;)

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Yessir, two new cereals are hitting store shelves very, very soon... I hope.  First is General Mills' Chocolate Toast Crunch . Oh yeah. Chocccccolate ... Cinnamon Toast Crunch is THE BEST CEREAL in the known universe, and I'm crossing my fingers that Chocol...

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REVIEW: diet Snapple Half 'n Half Lemonade Iced Tea
A cross-country runner's life is a hard one. For one, you aren't allowed to drink soda. For two, you aren't even allowed to drink diet soda. But diet Snapple  should be fine, right? 50% of this Half n' Half  IS made with tea, and tea is healthy. And what's ...
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