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Homemade banoffee pie from the weekend
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dude can u send me private message?

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Breathing Earth

Notice the green and dessication belts moving too. Cool. 
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A fascinating piece about automated ticket gates, which are exactly 50 years old this week. I love +diamond geezer's blog, it's excellent, and should be added to everyone's RSS list.
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Photos from my old and rotten Galaxy Nexus versus new and shiny Nexus 5.
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I'm jelly. Would be interested in more general comparison if you have time to share. Will probably upgrade my GNexus soon.
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Following up on yesterday's protip, today we've posted a few more guidelines for creating beautiful Android app icons on the Android Developers blog. Have any specific #AndroidDesign or #AndroidDev questions or comments related to app icons? Let's hear them in the comments below!

For those in a hurry, here's a quick excerpt of some of the key guidelines from the blog post:

• Launcher icons are 48dp square and should be provided for MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI, and XXHDPI densities — at the very least XHDPI and XXHDPI.

• The 512px Google Play listing icon should have the same content as the launcher icon, except for minor additional badging.

• Launcher icons should be designed specifically for Android. As per the Pure Android design guidelines, avoid mimicking visual elements and styles from other platforms.

• Launcher icons should be three-dimensional, front view, with a slight perspective as if viewed from above, so that users perceive some depth.

• Launcher icons should have a distinct silhouette, meaning that you should avoid simple square/circle icons and instead opt for unique shapes.
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Oh actual dear god...
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Gren W
Flappin hell! 
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It's a Byrne/Cook morning.
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Popped up t'Shard today. It's quite high. Fortunately they had the foresight to install some windows.

HDR shots from GF2. The rest are from my Nexus 5. See captions for details.
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I enabled the ART runtime on my shiny Nexus 5. Good grief is it fast. It's like a  turbo button. Certain apps that took up to 10 seconds to open on my Galaxy Nexus now take 2-3 on my Nexus 5, and with ART enabled they take barely a second at all. 

Given that it's  such a phenomenal speed difference, cynical me is wondering which HW manufacturers can/will have ART as an option when they provide 4.4 updates for their "old" phones...

I can't wait  to see  what ART does on the Galaxy Nexus, assuming someone manages to port a good 4.4 build over.
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I thought the "problem" with ART is that it requires both storage for the "precompiled" (“Ahead Of Time” (AOT)) stuff, and that there was a delay when using an ART app for the first time.   It is possible that it has bugs in it, which is why it isn't enabled by default. seems to have a good handle on it. 
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A tall, geeky man.

Creator of 'de_dust', 'de_dust2', 'de_cbble' and some other stuff. Created 'Container City' for Brink. Eats bananas.

Occupies spare time taming Android.
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Helped demolish the prospects of many adolescents through the medium of an addictive online multiplayer FPS.
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Deliciously smooth, fresh ice cream (try the kiwi and melon flavours!), served in extremely generous portions, and great service to match. Perfect on a sunny day.
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Food took a while to arrive, but was absolutely worth the wait!
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