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MRX Technologies USA
Counter-Terrorism operations in 27 time zones.
Counter-Terrorism operations in 27 time zones.


Individual specific targeting with non-lethal or lethal weapon systems capable of eliminating collateral damage or harm to immediately contiguous or adjacent humans or property. Existing capabilities are being expanded from Line of Sight targeting to Non-Line of Sight targeting capable of firing on a specific individual inside structures or below ground.

In 2016, MRX remains privately held, with operations in over 125 Countries,
comprised of more than 350 Corporations, employing over 15,000, generating annual revenues of $17.3B USD.

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Counter-Terrorism operations in 27 time zones.
Exploiting deficiencies within systems and strategies.
Rapid development of advanced technological countermeasures against terrorism. Individual Specific Targeting without collateral damage to other persons or property.

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US Currency Tracking
Sensors locate, identify and track US Currency.

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This offer is made exclusively by the Principal,
no Brokers or Intermediaries are involved.
Proceeds are donated to the MRX Medical Foundation.

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