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Dealing with debt collectors
You have rights and protections against creditor harassment. This informative article tells you what collection agencies cannot lawfully do when attempting to collect your debt.

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Supreme Court should settle question of undue hardship
Student loans are difficult to discharge in bankruptcy due to outdated definition of undue hardship. It is possible that the Supreme Court could accept a case and settle this question.

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Bankruptcy trustee could avoid unrecordable mortgages
Check out this article where a bankruptcy court determined that a bankruptcy trustee in a Chapter 7 case could avoid bank mortgages that were not in recordable form under the specific requirements of a Kentucky recording statute.

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Illinois drivers need to know state’s marijuana laws
Illinois takes a very aggressive approach to drugged driving, and you could find yourself facing charges if you use marijuana. Prosecutors may bring charges if they find that you have any drug present in your system, even if you used the drug long before driving. You need to be sure to build a strong defense to these accusations, as they may have a significant impact upon your future.
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