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SmartTek Systems
mPERS Smartphone app that provide anywhere, anytime life protection services
mPERS Smartphone app that provide anywhere, anytime life protection services


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SmartTek Systems creates one button central station based Smartphone app that provide anywhere, anytime life protection services 
December, 2014-- SmartTek Systems, Inc.,, a leader in personal security, today announced the introduction of an industry-first trio of smartphone apps designed to provide consumers with one-touch of a button, 24/7, away-from-home security right on their smartphones. 
SmartTek believes that an app-based personal security setup has several advantages over a separate device.  First, the user does not need to carry, charge, or pay cell phone charges for a second device. Second, the professionally monitored, nationwide, one-button system consisting of an easily downloadable software app is available to any consumer that uses an Android or Apple smartphone. With upwards of 196 million smartphones in use in the US, millions of consumers can now have the exact same protection provided by central station home security systems, right in the palm of their hand.
The trio of apps is comprised of SmartAlert (a panic, safety, and mobile personal emergency response system [mPERS] with nationwide coverage, designed to preserve the users personal privacy), SmartGuard (designed to give families peace-of-mind by providing optional location information about family members), and SmartTrack (a powerful fleet-tracking and mobile productivity solution for small businesses). Pilot testing of the new app offerings has been ongoing with central stations for months and the service is immediately ready to come to market now. 
 “By extending protection services to consumers through SmartTek, any family member is protected when they are out of their homes at school, work or out enjoying themselves,” said Barry Schweiger, co-president of SmartTek Systems and a security industry veteran. “If you have a child at college, a wife shopping at the mall, medical condition or feel in anyway threatened when out and about or traveling, a single touch of a button immediately puts the user in contact with a central station operator.  The operator has access to pertinent personal and medical information that can be relayed to authorities who will be immediately alerted should there be a problem. It’s like having a personal security guard traveling with you.” 
 “Virtual services such as our SmartTek app that are cloud based and affordable should help provide additional peace of mind that loved ones are only one touch away from help should they need it,” said SmartTek’s technical consultant Mark Fischer. “Subscribers simply sign up either through their current home security or central station provider or by contacting for a local dealer, at which point they can download and install the app to their iPhone or Android smartphone and gain immediate protection.”
 “As personal security instances such as those we read about right on our smartphones every day continue to happen, the need for personalized protection becomes more and more critical. That’s what SmartTek is delivering for as many consumers as possible,” said Fischer.

About SmartTek Systems, Inc.

SmartTek Systems is dedicated to delivering innovative products and services to the security services industry and to consumers .
The SmartTek Systems management team has deep roots in the security industry with decades of experience in the field. They have proven track records in security products design, manufacturing and marketing wireless and video products as well as central station and alarm company operations. Additional information is available at or
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SmartAlert the mPERS app designed with personal privacy
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