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MidnightBSD: The BSD for Everyone
MidnightBSD: The BSD for Everyone


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Support MidnightBSD. #OnPatreon

Help us get new package building VMs and mirroring.
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Just fixed a longstanding bug that prevented some FreeBSD 9 binaries running on MidnightBSD. (posix_spawn family of functions)

The fix is in CURRENT, as well as stable 8 & 9 branches.
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Added wpa_supplicant and hostapd mports that are patched against KRACK. This is a workaround until base is patched.
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We’re trying out a hosted forum solution as many people seem to request this. Check it out here
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MidnightBSD 0.8.6 is now available in SVN. In includes the following changes:
1. Heimdal KDC-REP service name validation vulnerability patch
2. Updated USB stack from FreeBSD 9-stable.
3. em(4) update which includes support for newer NICs included on Intel Skylake and Kabylake motherboards.
USB update includes support for:
ASMedia ASM1042A USB 3.0 controller
Intel BayTrail USB 3.0 controller
Intel Wildcat Point USB 3.0 controller
Fresco Logic FL1000G USB 3.0
Broadwell Integrated PCH-LP chipset USB 3.0
Cavium ThunderX USB 3.0 controller
Logitech Unifying Receiver
Sierra Wireless MC7430
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Howto video for setting up MidnightBSD on virtualbox
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Ryzen support:

Initial testing of MidnightBSD on a Ryzen 7 1700 CPU with an Asus PRIME x370-pro motherboard indicate that there are some issues that prevent the system from booting.

There are two problematic areas:

1. The system timer detection code is not finding a timer that will work .
2. The Intel NIC included on this motherboard is not detecting properly and causing a panic.
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You can check out MidnightBSD with git svn.

For developers
git svn clone svn+ssh:// -T trunk -b stable -t releases
(replace with your username of course)

For folks looking to fetch the code, you can just use the http protocol instead. Use the URL:
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Still looking into this one, but thought I'd make everyone aware of it.
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