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Anthony Webb
Software engineer and technology visionary. Dabbles in photography, loves himself a good road trip here and there. Proud father and husband.
Software engineer and technology visionary. Dabbles in photography, loves himself a good road trip here and there. Proud father and husband.

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My son is getting pretty good with the yoyo, he picked it up about 10 months ago and hasn't put it down...

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For those interested, and able to get a hold of a $199 prusa i3 upgrade kit, we built a printer around the kit that uses high quality genuine Hiwin rails, and precision waterjet parts, along with a bondtech extruder to achieve a very solid platform. It uses all stock prusa firmware, slicer, etc.

Follow along on hackaday:

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This is awesome, anyone know of any other slicers out there that do this? Perfect combination of speed/resolution.

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There's your "basket of deplorables" Hillary.... Shame people can't just respect each other...
That's it! I just got pushed over the edge by the hatred and violence of the hate mongers beating up and injuring innocent people. I was leaning towards Johnson, but now I'm voting Trump! He's a Douche, but much less so than these violent hate mongers committing violence against people simply for supporting Trump. And Hillary calls these victims "deplorable". Look in the mirror, bitch!

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Sleepy Man - Two very talented brothers.
This was five years ago - but, maaan, they were good already then.

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At age 5 his Father died.

At age 16 he quit school.

At age 17 he had already lost four jobs.

At age 18 he got married.

Between ages 18 and 22, he was a railroad conductor and failed.

He joined the army and washed out there.

He applied for law school he was rejected.

He became an insurance sales man and failed again.

At age 19 he became a father.

At age 20 his wife left him and took their baby daughter.

He became a cook and dishwasher in a small cafe.

He failed in an attempt to kidnap his own daughter, and eventually he convinced his wife to return home.

At age 65 he retired.

On the 1st day of retirement he received a cheque from the Government for $105.

He felt that the Government was saying that he couldn’t provide for himself.

He decided to commit suicide, it wasn’t worth living anymore; he had failed so much.

He sat under a tree writing his will, but instead, he wrote what he would have accomplished with his life. He realised there was much more that he hadn’t done. There was one thing he could do better than anyone he knew. And that was how to cook.

So he borrowed $87 against his cheque and bought and fried up some chicken using his recipe, and went door to door to sell them to his neighbours in Kentucky.

Remember at age 65 he was ready to commit suicide.

But at age 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Empire was a billionaire.

Moral of the story: Attitude. It's never too late to start all over.


You have what it takes to be successful. Go for it and make a difference.

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Scientifically Speaking, Baseball shouldn't exist.
The margin of error for a batter to be early or late is .007 Seconds. Which is about 2/5 of the duration that a single frame is displayed on a television broadcast.

#Science #Baseball  

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