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I am The Joe.

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Yes, We Can: Building a Better Future Despite Political Devastation
When news broke that Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election, countless U.S. citizens bombarded the Canadian immigration website, causing it to crash. While I understand the motivation behind their actions, I find this solutio...

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Moving My Own Cheese: On the Finite Nature of Life and the Perpetuity of Change
Introduction             The
book Who Moved My Cheese?, by Spencer
Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard, is a story within a story, teaching some readers
about change and adaptation in work and everyday life. It portrays the concepts
simply, using mice, cheese, an...

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Dinosaur Island: Funding an Adventure in Education
Over the past couple of years, a major concern of mine has been the underwhelming effectiveness of the modern educational system. I have nieces and nephews deserving of every opportunity to learn about the cool things this world has to offer, and I would ha...

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Open Letter to the Society for Neuroscience
Dear Society for Neuroscience,               This is an open letter concerning the recent launch of the new open access journal, eNeuro . We welcome the diversification of journal choices for authors looking for open access venues, as well as the willingnes...

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An Open Letter to the AAAS About Science Advances
Dear  AAAS, This is an open letter concerning the recent launch of the new open access journal, Science Advances . In addition to the welcome diversification in journal choices for authors looking for open access venues, there are many positive aspects of S...

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Adventures in Professional Development: Episode I–Fossils and You
I think my apartment is haunted. Next to my computer is a list of asked questions from my time here at Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry and every time I look down at it, a voice says, "Answer them! Aaaaanswerrrr themmmm. . . in a seeeeries of blog poooosts. ...

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Things About Stuff and Other Miscellany
Before I even get started, I should be honest with everyone. The following paragraphs will contain little more than brain droppings. I do have some more in-depth topics that I wish to cover, but I'll be saving those for future posts. Today is just a transit...

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Blogiversary Isn't a Real Word
Apparently, as of today, I've spent the past year not blogging nearly as much as I'd like, but infinitely more than I did before. I could make this post a retrospective of the topics I've covered, but all of my previous work is readily available for perusal...

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This is probably the goofiest thing I've ever written. Can't believe how long it's been.

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Stay classy, San Diego!
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