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My past couple posts have been corrections (to the nekudot).  I just want to say that I don't read YDDoH to nitpick.  I thoroughly enjoy the etymology and history you provide.  I love learning the origin of modern Hebrew words, and expanding my vocabulary is great too!

Thanks for the great work.

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In the paranthetical comment on יום שני וחמישי, it should be "Every Second and Fifth", not "... Fourth".

New app on the store. Note-r-eyes. Simple note-taking app. The basic improvement over the stock Notes app is the ability to tag notes for organizational purposes.

New version of Zmanim (2.2.0) released.

New version of Zmanim coming soon. A friend came across a different algorithm for calculating sunrise/set that is much more accurate.

Also included is a fix for location accuracy, and minor bug fixes for appearance.

Version 2.1.0 of Zmanim Advanced has been released on the App Store. The big new feature is the Weekday filter for hiding Zmanim.

Working on an update to Zmanim Advanced.

New attribute for zmanim - weekday. Default is 'All Days', but if a specific day is chosen, the zman will only appear when viewing a date which falls out on that day of the week.

Planning on adding a geolocation database to make it easier to add locations.
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