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More sad love quotes:
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that the one who has my heart... 
Sandi D
sounds like love
Aww that is sooo sweet 
I see it as sad myself.
thats me and my best friend that isnt really my best friend anymore....just my friend...sadly
I might have not seen your face, but I will remember those smiles of yours.
Your eyes might not look into mine again, but I will always feel like you are looking at me...
Memories can never sometimes hurt more then the experience.
We are strangers again, but this time with shared memories...
I guess if the situation is so hopless, then the best way of actions is to forget and as soon as possible otherwise you'll need a special treatment and never be able to move on.
thts so true if ur in a bad situation 
CUTE...but a little creepy if you think about it
Slightly creepy... Its kinda funny and sweet in a weird way! xD
super super super sweet i love it
Stressful planning a wedding and thinking of ideas!! ahh sleep! work tomorrow, should be an eventful day after last weeks arguments!!
Um... Does this have to do with a break-up?
Young sweet & innocent
Young sweet & innocent
actually, as time goes by we do eventually forget... 
So true its always there just lil things can make you remember love like smell.
if its true love you never really forget
Just one thing, what was your name again?
Hmmmn... Nice words, this is for only those who get too close to this thing called love.
i get it when everyone says to me just like there shy
In time these feelings will pass
i hate this post...... it's like a type of purgatory :(
haha i feel the same way about my bf when he moved 3 weeks ago... :)
this hits close to the heart.. deep sh*t here
Love it!

"But I will never forget how you smell"
Funniest moment of my life!
I like this ..acts of kindness & love are never forgotten :)
A fire killed 245 people here in Brazil, please, pray for Santa Maria.
Exact! :'((((((((( that's so hard
I will surely forget, not because it meant nothing, because I don't like to chase the past.
Ru fr
I love it :)
But I think that the end of every event can be a new starting.
because you are always in my heart
you never remember the bad memories if there was good ones
Hmm i love this....♡♡♡♡
This is so true and exactly the way I feel
does any1 find the smeling part weird
Hi would you like to be my friend 
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaaawwwwweeeeeee that's so sweet and true, that's how I feel about my bf
LIke when ur hugging him and u smell his cholone, or what ever scent he has, not like ur really smelling him
it's already good but smell iww..maybe it's more appropriate if you say but i will never forget how your arms wrap around me :D
bitter mode </3
OMG that is so true I'm with u there
This is exactly how i feel about someone...sad day
Awwwww. That is so true and that's what hurts the most. :,(
tht is SO sad. im gonna cry....... :)
Yeah its sad...I won't forget u 
yeah that is sad isnt it makayla?
what does that mean Nyakong Lia???
I would say the same thing to my ex-crush.:(
LAME... shyt u gatta 4give&& 4get and move on 2 tha next 
On Jan 27, 2013 9:40 PM, "Sandy Sanchez" <****@**> wrote:

> Oj
Blah blah blah FORGET HIM/HER!!!!! LOL
I feel like that with someone i like that i don't get to see that does not go to my school
a guy he like heart with me but me i like him too but i dont want to tell that
And THAT'S the reason why you will never be forgiven. Ever again. That's the reason you'll always be hated. Because I can never forget.
Cindy w
Yeah, but im trying really hard to forget
Yes is always hard to forget  those things & that one you loved! Sometimes We have to let go & go on with our lives! Even though it is hard!
</3 it`s true. i miss him the old him soooooo much it hurts.
someone admit to me (please!!) this is true for them
No it is more about real feeling
I want the guy I like to say that :) <3 It would suprise me 2 hear him say that :) <3
Make another mistake to forget your previous one.
Wow this hit real close to home. 
Love is a thing that matters to everyone but think before you do anything stupid ! LOL :D
Love without doing anything stupid seems like putting two onions together.
Yeah.. truth hurts. in a sweet way
you are right think before you do anything stupid lol
Cindy w
Yeah, that is true Darlene. It is hard. Seems to take a long time to let go and move on
Thats what i need right about now. All the hugs i could get. My aunt passed away last night.
yeah the truth hurts but u did it for a good reason ! anjelica
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Wow people post anything but this one is sweet
i think that allllll the time...
How many of us would like to receive these from past loves?
And I want to cry
People say it's love at first sight, but every time I see you I fall in love with you... all over again!!!
so true as it is also between me & namrata
waaaaaaahhhhh. that brings back good and bad memories of my 1st true love
Yes and I will never forget what you did to me
And then ran and hid behind your religion and parents
What a coward

yeah som people are afraid of losing you..sometyms u have to hide ur feelings just for the sake he wont loose u..
this fits me and my friend all too well... i texted him immediately after i read this and just now i sent it too him. 
This makes me think of my baby. He knows who he is. 💔
Bara A
wawww, that is crazy, and not easy.
This is the best one...
omg i would love toi say that to my ex boyfriend if we actually tlked to each other and were freinds maaannnn i miss him

you wonder if guys ever stop and say MAN i miss her 
I no thats rite...they do when they r by themselves...
such beautiful words and so true.
so cute my new life quote
omg sometimes thats not even true just got out of a relationship and i dont think that for one minute of my life he liked and likes another girl who was my "friend" so she says yea right
This goes out to Manuel Terrazas I will always love you no matter what I miss you so much
So true, so sad... but we always get over time. 
Really so very true if u have loved some 1 from the heart 
I would say this to Tamera Kate Scott
We stopped talking,but never forget your smile,we stopped joking and fooling around but won't forget your laugh
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