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MatatArt! Art makes you smArt!

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The design of the vehicle has been developed with the purpose of producing a joyful and attractive transformation of the surrounding environment, making any space suitable for performing artistic activities, in order to entertain and engage vulnerable children and their communities.

Considering that MatatArt operates in informal settlements, its capacity of interaction with the urban space is essential. Expanding its functions beyond the vehicle boundaries will show that any place could potentially be transformed in a functional public space, where cultural activities can take place, triggering social interaction and participation while developing sense of belonging.

Furthermore, not only MatatArt interacts with the surrounding environment, but also the children interact with the vehicle. Some parts of the van are painted with chalkboard paint so that children will be able to express their creativity directly on the vehicle, making even the exterior surface a useful tool.

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MatatArt intends to promote the access to arts for children and their communities, in order to boost the cultural development and social participation in the underserved areas of Kampala, where 60% of its population lives.

In recent years there has been great interest among educators about the links between arts-based
learning and children development. Arts participation has been finally linked to positive social outcomes, including overall engagement in school, increased community participation and pro-social activities.

MatatArt delivers arts to the children’s doorstep with no regards for the lack of infrastructure, tools and facilities, being a mobile all-in-one infrastructure itself. The vehicle utilized to create MatatArt is a unique elaboration of a “matatu”, the means of transportation chosen by 82,6% of people to move around Kampala.
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