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Anarkali of London: The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
When I
watched Anarkali of Arrah the other day on TV, my mind immediately went
back to a novel about a young servant girl, poor and vulnerable, hounded by her
lustful aristocrat master. The novel was written many, many years ago. Two
hundred and seventy sev...

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Anita Desai Turns 80 Today
I was lately going over her first novel, Cry, the Peacock (No, it's got nothing to do with procreative prowess of the pheasant's tears). The protagonist longs to go to Darjeeling (No, it's got nothing to do with the Gorkha agitation; she wants to get away f...

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Golden Age of Indian Nation Is Yet to Come
a recent op-ed in a national daily, Dr Rakesh Sinha, a Delhi University professor, sought to clear the mist around
the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s idea of cultural nationalism, and rescue it
from the attacks of the critics, whom he caricaturises as pse...

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Disillusioned Bhaktas: Barbaric Times, Not Good Days, Ahead
Tavleen Singh (Image: Indian Express ) Senior
journalist Ms Tavleen Singh was, and is, seeking Hindu renaissance but so far all she's got is gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes) on a terror spree—harassing, beating, killing
Indian citizens in the name of protectin...

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A Call for Good Samaritans!
“ Ministers of all faiths, tomorrow you should get
in your pulpit with the Christian Bible and preach on Luke 10:25-37 ”. By tweeting thus, American author Stephen King has made
a seemingly astounding claim. He has clearly said that the parable of the Good ...

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What’s Not in a Name?
Prof. Kancha Ilaiah’s insistence on using English
surnames must be taken seriously by those who wish to create an egalitarian
nation Noted
author and public intellectual, Prof. Kancha Ilaiah, formerly professor of
political science in Osmania University, Hy...

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First editorial written for the magazine RADIANT LIFE.

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Logos at the Heart of the Community
The academic session was already at
its fag end when I arrived in Allahabad in the month of May last year. My first
few evenings were spent in reading the book The Gospel and the Plow by
Dr Sam Higginbottom. I had the book with me for quite some time but it...

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The Jesus Savarkar Loved
In a few weeks’ time from now, the world will be
celebrating Easter. It is the day of Jesus’s resurrection—the day he came back
to life. This is also the occasion when a plethora of conspiracy theories start
doing the rounds in media. They offer various sce...
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