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Simon P. Clark
EREN coming Autumn 2014 from Constable & Robinson
EREN coming Autumn 2014 from Constable & Robinson


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Great Books at Christmastime
A Very Short Post (I am still alive) to say that  @GuyLucas01  recently shared this great snap of his Year 6's current reading. Look at those books - great reads, the lot of them, and thrilled to know Eren's out there, being read and shared and loved...

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UKYACX Newcastle
Hello, all! I'll be taking part in this year's UKYAX celebration in Newcastle City Library, talking about books, reading, readers, and all things nice. It's a great chance to see some fantastic children's and YA authors - including this lot: As part of the ...

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The 1031 Story Challenge Is Back!
Happy October, one and all! The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice is a thing again, and - most exciting of all, of course - it's time for the annual 1031 Story Challenge ! What is it? Photo: Cindy H . The clue's in the name. Every October, in time for Hall...

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Books and Blogging: Marketing Isn't Community
Starting new blog posts with an apology about how long it's been since I blogged has become a tradition here, but - yes, once again - I'm hoping to change that. When I started this site it was simply a way of reaching out into the world, sharing some opinio...

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Win a Copy of the Eren Paperback
It's one week until Eren comes out in paperback in the UK - and that sounds like a good excuse for a give away. I'm excited about the paperback - as well as looking absolutely beautiful (thank you, people at Atom), the book comes with bonus content; one of ...

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I Have Been Doing Things: YALC and Beyond
Yes. I know - it's been a while since I posted anything here. What can I say? Life keeps happening. I've found some time to write a brief update, though, mostly because so many Good and Exciting things have happened this month. I'm in the UK right now, and ...

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Monster - the Ninth Eren Tale
Blogging and updating is going to be a bit patchy over the next few weeks, due mostly to the fact I'm moving back to the UK in less than a fortnight. It's an exciting time - and I'm certainly looking forward to getting more involved in the UK book world - b...

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Screw Rules and Don't Worry: Post-Publishing Advice for New Writers
My book came out eight months ago. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and certainly the culmination of many years hard work. The change from 'unpublished' to 'published' is a strange one, marked on the one hand by a definite date and tim...

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Update: Eren! Audiobook! Moving to the UK! Harry Potter! Roadtrip!
Hello, all. Time for an update. Various things have been happening since I was last on here. The most Eren related of them is easily the most exciting. The audiobook - an actual audiobook of actual Eren   is now available! It's UK only at the moment - tho...

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Eren Tales Continues
Morning, all. Yesterday, over on, the eighth Eren Tale - Books  - was published. This is the latest short story published as part of the project, and it's one of ym favourites - especially because of the artwork provided by Brandon Rechten. Er...
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