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Patrick Kenny
I'm building Oh My Japan, a website to connect Japanese and English speakers with one another.
I'm building Oh My Japan, a website to connect Japanese and English speakers with one another.
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I made a new friend on the way to work. My first time to see one of these in Tokyo. 

I think everyone who lives in a big city should carry an uncooked egg in their pocket. Then, when a taxi runs a red light right in front if you, you can whip the egg out and throw it at the taxi.

This is not vandalism; this is public service. If everyone did this, when you were about to cross the street, you could double check to make sure any approaching taxis weren't covered in eggs to ensure safe passage. 

Remember that great scene from Pulp Fiction about the Quarter Pounder in Paris being called the Royale with Cheese?

Well, you know what they call a bucket of KFC in Tokyo?

A barrel of KFC.

Imagine that-- a whole fuckin' barrel of KFC for you and your family.  And the families here on average only have one kid!

There are a lot of things that can ruin an otherwise good Saturday night, but few are so perfect at it as Microsoft Word's styles menu.

Where did I want to go today?  Not to Microsoft Office UI hell, that's for sure.

I appreciate my government warning me not to become a drug smuggler, as it may get me arrested.  This excerpt is from the Japanese consulate's monthly newsletter for September:

4. Criminal Penalties for “Drug Mules” at Narita

This summer has seen an increase in the number of Americans arrested at Narita International Airport for attempting to bring illegal drugs into Japan.  Many of these “drug mules” were attempting to bring illegal stimulant drugs from India....

"Be a smart ass, not a drug mule."


Short English version: Studio Ghibli has a new movie and it's great! I think it's their best since "Grave of the Fireflies" or "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind." The content may render it unlikely to get a wide international release, but it's definitely worth seeing if you get the chance.






I really wanted to go see the big fireworks show tonight (the largest in Tokyo, 20,000+), but in consideration of the ridiculous amount of rain that came falling out of nowhere, I'm now glad to be sitting at my desk.

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A Chinese "dumpling" so big it contains an entire hamburger inside

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$1 is the price of happiness at Sushiro, the most inventive chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants

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Who knew there was a term (ASMR) for the vaguely sexual feeling of having an electric razor on the back of your neck?  This, like the photic sneeze reflex, is one of those strange phenomena that I thought was just one of my own quirks until I searched for it on the Internet.
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