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The IV Drip Room at Regenesis is up and running right in time for cold and flu season!!! A consultation with Dr. Lee is needed before being treated with IV therapy - here's a glimpse at what to expect in the consultation. Many of the IV therapy treatments can take place on the same day as your consultation. Call today to schedule! 256.715.8193 #FeelBetterLookBetter
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Stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy can be used independently of one another or in conjunction with one another. Stem cells AND platelet rich plasma are often mixed together for orthopedic joint, muscle, ligament, cartilage, tendon and bone procedures. In this utilization both the growth factors from platelets that direct healing and the stem cells that actually do the work of healing are present in large numbers to speed the process. Call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee to find out if you're a candidate for treatment and to determine which therapy option is right for you.
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