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The Many Crests of Pterodactylus
Little  Pterodactylus ,  from the late Jurassic period of Bavaria, was one of the first pterosaurs ever discovered (a story you can read all about in my book Beasts of Antiquity ). Represented by numerous juvenile and subadult specimens, it's among the bett...

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Review: "Beasts of the Mesozoic" Tsaagan by Creative Beast Studios
Quick Facts 2018 Beasts of the Mesozoic Raptor Series  Tsaagan mangas  action figure Size:  20cm long Scale:  1:6 Sculpted by:  David Silva Produced by:  Creative Beast Studios Back in April 2016, toy industry veteran David Silva launched a Kickstarter camp...

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The Stepwise Bird: Andrea Cau on Bird Evolution
Above: WIP reconstrcution of one potential Connecticut River Valley trackmaker, the bird-like reptile Anchisaurus polyzelus . By M. Martyniuk, all rights reserved. This morning saw the publication of a new paper by Andrea Cau, titled Assembly of the Avian B...

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Review: Dino-Riders Struthiomimus by TycOMG IT HAS FEATHERS
Quick Facts 1988 Dino-Riders Struthiomimus action figure WITH FEATHERS. IN 1988. Size: 20cm of feathered glory. Scale: Scales on the feet, feathers up top. Also, 1:12. Sculpted by: The wokest of all 1980s dinosaur toy sculptors. Produced by: Tyco (obviously...

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You're Doing It Wrong: Pteranodon Bills
Your bill's looking a little puny, there, buddy. (Painting by Heinrich Harder, 1912, public domain). Everybody knows Pteranodon . Quick, stop to imagine it! It's easy, because it's the most often-illustrated and well known pterosaur to the general public (t...

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Review: Dino-Riders Pterodactyl by Tyco
Quick Facts 1987 Dino-Riders Pterodactyl action figure Size: 20cm (wingspan) Scale: 1:3 or 1:4 Sculpted by: unknown Produced by: Tyco Pterodactylus antiquus has a special place in history as one of the first ever prehistoric reptiles to be subjected to scie...

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Playing with Saurian's Genericometer
There's a dinosaur game in development called Saurian. Have you heard of it? You should really check out! It's shaping up to be super cool and extremely rigorous when it comes to science and coming up with accurate portrayals of an extinct ecosystem. Check ...

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You're Doing It Wrong: Microraptor Tails and Mini-Wings
Type specimen of Zhenyuanlong , doing its best Archaeopteryx impression. Just a short PSA today, and once again, it's about a paleoart meme that has outstayed its welcome. Microraptor was the first time we got a good look at the feather pattern of dromaeosa...

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The First Feathered Dinosaurs (In Art)
The first illustration of a hypothetical "pro-avis" by Pycraft, 1906 Feathered non-avialan dinosaurs seem commonplace now, and it's hard to believe that there was a time, in living memory for some of us, when they were purely speculative. It makes sense, of...

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