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Hobbyist guitar player
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Axe-Fx packs for Quantum 7.02 and above
Hi folks ! Today I'm releasing two packs for the Axe-Fx II... 1) Fremen's picks (Axe-Fx II, Quantum
7.02) This is my
main pack for Axe-Fx II MKI/II, XL/XL+ and Quantum firmware 7.02 (older
firmware not supported). It's the presets I use live with my cover b...

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Axe-Fx presets - Quantum 5.0 update
Hi guys, at first, I thought that no update was necessary for Quantum 4.00 firmware (and now 5.00), but I had only checked my go-to live presets. As I'm away from work for a few weeks, I decided to check all the presets and noticed that at least the relativ...

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Axe-Fx/AX8 Quantum 4.0 update
If you already use my 3.0 presets for Axe-Fx II (MKI/XL) and AX8, no update is necessary for Quantum 4.0 firmware. However, I just added a few new lead presets, made with Quantum 4.0 : They all use the same IR and my favorite amp models for high gain but ex...

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Helix - big pack update : Pink Floyd presets
Here's a free update for owners of the big pack. This is
mostly for Pink Floyd songs. The old versions (9 presets) are still
here, but now there's a new folder with with the new versions (20
presets), including 11 new ones, all Variax compatible. Also in...

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Helix presets starter pack
Here's my "Presets starter pack" for the Helix 2.01 firmware, which contains 12 presets + 9 user IRs. I made this one after receiving many demands for a smaller and cheaper pack. Here, there is one preset for each of the type of tones that I use - there's ...

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One song, three modellers and videos
I covered Prince's "Purple rain" with the Line6 Helix. As I recorded DI tracks too, I thought it would be fun to reamp them through the Axe-Fx II XL+ (with Quantum 4.0 firmware) and with the Atomic AmpliFire too. So here's the three versions : same solos, (...

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AmpliFire acoustic simulation pack
A while ago, I made an acoustic simulation pack for the Axe-fx II/AX8, and another for the Line 6 Helix... here's one for the Atomic AmpliFire. I didn't make a video demo for the AmpliFire version, but the sound is the same that for the others, which you ca...

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Some Helix demos
Here's the demo I promised for my big Helix presets pack : I did another demo, a shorter one. This one is from a tweaking session 12
days ago, I was mostly adding a volume block and tweaking the
delay/reverb in all presets - but I left out the tweaking pa...

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Fremen Helix big pack (175 presets)
Here my big presets pack for the Helix 2.01 firmware - 175 presets covering many genres (pop, rock, fusion, metal...). This package contains both individual files and two setlists for quicker loading, 25 user IRs and an .xls file, which list all presets and...

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Line6 Helix acoustic simulation presets pack
Here's my first presets pack for the Line6 Helix : a collection of Acoustic simulation presets. The idea was to use as many different electric guitars/pickups as possible and make tonematch presets for each of them. So if you have an Ibanez with Bare Knuckl...
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