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i3dTHEMES://inform - Web Analytics

It is so shocking to find that only about 5% of websites that come to us to be upgraded are running any sort of analytics package.

If you aren't running any analytics package, do yourself a huge package and sign up with Google Analytics so that when you do need to review historical data on how your website is performing, you can.

Head on over to our YouTube channel to find more of these informational videos and tutorials
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Secure Your Website - The Interactive #82

One of the best developments in the web development world in the last couple of years has been the open certificate authority called Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt provides free TLS security certificates, and many web hosts (ourselves included) have support for them. Basically, it takes less than a minute to get TLS certificate.
There’s no reason that your website shouldn’t be secured with a TLS security certificate. Even if your web host does not support Let’s Encrypt, there are other options availble to you.

When you do go and switch over, if you come across any warnings in your web browser that tell you that some parts of the web page are not encrypted, go through my tutorial on how to resolved blocked mixed content here:
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The Interactive #100: This Moment In Time

I hope you all had a great few weeks. It's been busy the last few Fridays so I've missed getting a chance to check in with you.
But, I've been able to sneak in 15 minutes just now, and this week I hit the rewind button a bit, and spoke about where we were 100 episodes ago, where we are now, and where we're going.
That, and... I had a mid-video surpise! Such is live video. I need to get one of those "ON-AIR" flashing signs outside the door.
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When will the smartphone die?
Could the smartphone ever become yesterday's news?

Let's play a game. Do you have a portable MP3 player? Or a point-and-shoot digital camera? Okay, let's try something harder; what about a portable CD or cassette player? A PDA? A MiniDisc player, even? The chances are, you're more likely to have replied in the negative to those final few examples; they're all gadgets that, in the past few decades, have all but died out. The reason? The arrival of the smartphone, and the wonder of technological convergence.

continue reading at :
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WebP Images For The Win!! - The Interactive #84

As images account for the bulk of the weight of most web pages, optimizing your images is one of the most crucial aspects for improving overall site and page speed performance. And to this end, one of the features that we just recently added to our web performance optimization WordPress plugin was support for the WebP image type.
This is why I took the time to implement the WebP image type for our Pegasaas Accelerator plugin that provides automated web performance optimization for WordPress.
By Thursday, once the feature was implemented, all of the websites using the Pegasaas system had their web pages loading up to 30% faster for 60% of their visitors.

But it didn't come without a great deal of effort on our end, in implementing this feature to work with our global Content Delivery Network partner. Luckily, we prevailed, as I detail in my video today.
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The future of the Home of the Future

Today you can have a fully connected home complete with sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, energy usage, and more, and check in on almost any appliance from anywhere in the world with just a smartphone. But even with all of the various connected appliances, virtual assistants, and copious sensors that can be installed in a modern smart home, the “smart” side of things is still rather lacking.

continue reading and watch the video at :
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The Three Core Aspects of Website Performance Optimization – The Interactive #81

Website performance optimization can be broken down into three core aspects.
These aspects can be classified as:

Server Response Time Optimization
Resource Optimization
Web Page Render Optimization
For the fastest possible load time, you need to fully optimize all three.

I explain a little bit about each aspect in this weeks video. These three aspects are also fully supported by our Pegasaas Accelerator plugin for WordPress — it’s the only way, without Frankensteining a buch of plugins together, to make a WordPress website ultra fast. #dreamweaverTemplates #Pagespeed
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16 Years - From FP 2000 to WebPerf -- The Interactive #95:

We've come a long way over the last 16 years. The Internet has changed so much, yet much of the concepts are the same.

We've gone from working with FrontPage 2000 to SharePoint Designer to Expression Web, to Dreamweaver, and WordPress. Our specialty has always been creating unique and creative designs, but now more than ever, unique and creative solutions, especially in the realm of Web Performance. via @YouTube
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Signup and Installation Demo Video

Hey, it’s Brandon Devnich from, and today I’m going to walk you through the purchase and installation sequence for the Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress plugin. You can sign up free for 14 days and experience our entire list of speed optimization benefits. #pagespeed #caching
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If you've heard me talk about web performance optimization, you've probably picked up on my comments that images are the BIGGEST bottleneck for slowing down the load time of your web page.
Which is why the "image optimization" feature of Pegasaas is probably one of the most important aspects of it's makeup.
But until this week, there was a small aspect of image optimization that had been not yet attended to.
You see, Pegasaas Accelerator can automatically resize images, provided there is a width and height attribute applied to an IMG tag.
But if there is no width and height attribute, if the dimensions of the image are larger than the container on the web page that it sits in, you could be penalized for un-optimized images.

That is, until now.
You see, this last week, we developed out the most super awesome feature ever: Auto Image Sizing.
Auto Image Sizing automatically looks at all the images in your web page and determines the appropriate width and height, automatically.
[mic drop]
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