Hello everyone, recently someone who played a major influence in not only my life but many others as well, passed away. He attempted suicide and as someone who has been depressed before it really hit home for me and it reminded me why I decided to start this community. There are a lot of people in the world who think that they aren't important even though they are. I made this community to help make people realize that there is someone who does care about them, and that if they felt like they can't talk to anyone they know in real life then they could at least have somewhere to talk to someone who feels or has felt the same way. So I'd like to get this community up and going again, to start off I am going to post more often and I would like to have some moderators to help me out, so if you are interested in that then let me know. Lastly you guys are important no matter what anyone has said or might say, and you never know what you could do with your life so always look forward to tomorrow, no matter what demons or monsters may stand in front of you, there will be someone to slay them all as soon as you let them. <3 
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