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Todd Borg
Tahoe mystery writer Todd Borg is the author of 14 Tahoe Bestsellers featuring Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna and his Harlequin Great Dane Spot
Tahoe mystery writer Todd Borg is the author of 14 Tahoe Bestsellers featuring Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna and his Harlequin Great Dane Spot

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Writers, Be Careful With Your Bad Guys...
In the world of fiction, it sometimes seems that the only kind of Bad Guy that doesn't get a writer in trouble is a white, male lawyer or doctor in his 40s or 50s. If you move very far from that model, watch out. In one of my books, the "Bad Guy" was a lesb...

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The Rule All Writers Eventually Break
Writers always hear the advice, Write What You Know. It's a great idea. We are more likely to "get it correct" if we know whereof we speak. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for very long. I started out writing about stuff I knew about. By the time I finished ...

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The One Cliché A Writer Can Never Ignore
Wanna be a writer? As writers, we learn to avoid clichés  at all cost. (Oops, there's a  cliché) But there is one  cliché we should never forget. Writers write. You can talk about writing, take classes about writing, think about writing, get together with o...

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A Lesson From Lee Goldberg
During the Left Coast Crime 2017 convention in Hawaii, there were several dozens of notable moments, many of them worth remembering for writers. One of these was a statement that Lee Goldberg made during a panel. Author Lee Goldberg You are probably familia...

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Left Coast Crime - What An Experience!
Last week, my wife and I attended the Left Coast Crime 2017 convention in Hawaii. Four days of great panels and talks. Just shy of 500 people, all fans of mystery novels, readers and authors alike. It was a rush of inputs, all valuable, many exciting, such ...

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Writers Beware. For Some Kids, This Profession Does Not Compute.
I got out of snow country for a little bit and found myself sitting on a bench on the American River in Sacramento, computer on my lap, working on my 2018 Owen McKenna mystery. (The August 2017 installment is currently in the editing pipeline. More on that ...

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From 12 Feet Of Snow To Palm Trees In 80 Minutes
Yes, there are a few other places in the world that get as much snow as Tahoe. Not a lot of them. But they're out there. (As of this writing, the Mt. Rose snow survey shows 650 inches of snow has fallen as of March 1st. That's 54 feet.) The snow gets so dee...

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California Drought?
Four or five years in the making. One year in the unmaking. Was it random chaos? Were the weather gods just testing us? Or is this the new weather gyrations of climate change? Whatever, Californians are tired of shoveling and tired of jumping into kayaks wh...

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Starting Your Story With An Earthquake
The famous movie impresario Samuel Goldwyn (the “G” in MGM) said, “I want a story that starts out with an earthquake… and THEN builds to a climax!” Ol’ Sam knew something about pulling people into a story. As you know, Clint Eastwood also knows something ab...

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Self Publishing - What Not To Do Part 3
The last two weeks, I wrote about the worst way to self publish your books. The problem basically boils down to signing over your publication rights to a so-called "self publishing" publisher, which is technically anything but. I've spoken to more writers w...
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