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Me encantoooooo.  besitos

Mona Narvaja

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Hermosa canción.  Buen domingo. Besosss
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Sagitariana, Soñadora, idealista y, por sobre todo, convencida que, entre todos, podemos hacer de este mundo, un mundo mejor para las generaciones futuras.
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  • Universidad de Belgrano
Just for you to know it is a very small airport. My flight was very early in the morning and it was a rainy day. Perhaps these things contributed to my impression of a quite disorganized airport, with not enough personnel and none to orient you. At least,that is my experience, when I was there on this April 2014. There was no queue for drop-in your luggage if you had done your web check-in (though the sign was there nobody seemed to respect it). On the other hand, when it was my turn for the check-in and I was called to the counter, the AGEAN AIRLINES personnel were incredible kind and actually worried to provide an excellent service. My ticket from Santorini to Athens (my 1st stop back to Buenos Aires) was not within my original round-trip ticket with Lufthansa. When they (Agean personnel dispatching the flight) asked me if Athens was my final destination and I told them that not, they were so kind (and proactive) to ask me for my original ticket so they could connect the flights and avoid me from having to pick-up my luggage in Athens and dispatching it again, what would actually have been a headache (I had 2 big suitcases + my carry-on and, the worst of all, a lot of hours between my Santorini-Athens flight and my Lufthansa flight back from Athens to Buenos Aires with connection in Frankfurt). So I cannot be more happy with their having taken care of this and having dispatched my luggage directly from Santorini to my final destination (Buenos Aires). Santorini is a very small island but one of the few with an airport among the Greek islands. Besides Santorini itself is very small, so you cannot ask for much. My advise to you is travel with AGEAN. Their personnel is just great! For you to know: Once having put-up with the queuing-up disorganization I found out that the Agean airlines personnel were not only nice but their customer orientation cannot be described in other words than almost perfect and that made me forget of the previous disorganization. They took care of everything in my case, always with a smile. Conscious of the uncertainty one could feel, about where your luggage would finally end with so many connections, they not only showed me the tickets they have put on my bags, but also pointed out how clearly it was stated all the stops and final destination. What a relief! I actually felt confident that my bags would arrive safe, as they did, even being of the firsts to appear at the baggage carousel in BA. As regards Santorini airport remember, the island is small, same is the airport. Don´t worry about the disorganization and thank for your not having to go with 3 to 4 hours of anticipation, as you have to in most airports. Last but not least, no matter where you stay in Santorini the airport is always near.... another advantage of this awesome and beautiful island.
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