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Wow. The fact that they get paid minimum wage is outrageous enough, but to then steal those wages from them for the "privilege" of being professionally objectified?  Jeebus.
The Bills are the third team to face a wage theft lawsuit from former cheerleaders.
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"At the core of his argument is the idea that when gains on capital grow faster than returns on the larger economy, inequality rises. And when the gains on capital grow much faster than everything else, you end up with a situation much like modern-day America, where inequality is so dramatic that it threatens democracy itself."
The U.S. economy is undergoing a change we haven't seen in over 80 years.
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"Notably, in the original depiction, Jaime never says “Why have the Gods made me love a hateful woman?” — a line that the TV show added in, which in context makes Jaime look like an abusive rapist (the gods made me do it!) while casting Cersei once and for all as a stone-cold ice queen. "
Welcome back to the Game of Thrones TV Book Club, a discussion space for Thrones viewers who have also read the five books (so far)...
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"And some asshole thinks selling a shirt that, essentially, says, GURLS STAY OUT is funny. He’s talking to my wife. He’s talking to my daughter. He’s talking to my friends. He’s talking to my fans. He’s talking to some of the best writers in the industry, some of the most gifted artists, some of the most talented creators in the arts."
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Fish On
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“Think about the average man flipping through a magazine that features pictures of women who haven’t had their cheekbones raised or their noses reshaped with Photoshop,” Hillard continued. “How is he supposed to feel when he sees something like that?”
NEW YORK—Confronted on a regular basis with images of women who represent a diverse array of body types, a growing number of American men are reportedly feeling pressured to accept the increasingly realistic standards of female beauty now depicted i...
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