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Three irreverent writing professors helping you write awesome stuff
Three irreverent writing professors helping you write awesome stuff

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Writers! Readers and fans of Sherlock! Listen: it's elementary.  You should check out this awesome interview with Laurie R. King, who writes a Sherlock Holmes series and has awesome things to say about books, research, and a writing career.

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Do you like to write strong characters who drive the action of your stories and novels?  Or is a plot-driven story more in your creative wheelhouse?  How about what you like to read: a great character, or a surprising plot?  Or both?

This week on the Fiction School Podcast, we tackle the tricky work of writing great characters, using them to drive your story, avoiding stereotypes, and the alchemy of character and plot that makes for a great story.  Hope you'll check it out!

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It's a mad world out there, writers: there's the chaos of the self-publishing disruptors and the merger fever of the Big 5 publishing houses.  With all this chaos, should you publish with a small literary press?

This week on the Fiction School podcast, we've got a great interview with Dan Cafaro, Founder of Atticus Books, a small independent literary press, and get his insight on the modern world of publishing and the place of the small press in it, what editors look for in manuscripts, what the work of being an author really is (hint: you need a website, yo!), and lots more.

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All the new things happening these days in publishing and indie authorship are arguably the biggest revolution for writers since, well, Gutenberg.  

But it’s not all roses and death-by-chocolate in this brave new writer’s world.  There’s a lot to know before becoming an indie publisher.

This week on the Fiction School Podcast, we discuss this indie publishing revolution: what writers should consider when self-publishing, tools and resources for indie authors, self-promotion (which is the same for indie authors and traditionally-published authors), the modern writer’s work ethic…and also Bigfoot turds and the legend of Yukon Jack!

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One of the best things to happen in the world books recently?  It’s gotta be all the series and serialization of stories.

In this episode, we talk about our own experiences writing a series–what’s more fun and more daunting about it, how characters have to have more potential and depth, if planning and plotting out a series is a good strategy or not, and lots more.

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It's not something fiction writers talk about very often, but the setting of your story can be a great source of tension and power.  

We look high and low and far and wide into setting on Episode 4 of the Fiction School Podcast!

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"Hey," said the Internet, "wanna get some great ideas about writing dialogue?"
"Sure," you say.  "Where do I go?"
"The Fiction School Podcast, Episode #3, friend," said the Internet.
"Okay.  But are we friends?  Am I really, actually friends with the Internet??"

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Stuck staring at the blank screen, with the cursor blinking at you in impatient mockery?  Yeah, we've all been there.  Luckily, Fiction School's here to help, with Episode 2: How To Start a Story.

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Hey folks! Check out Podcast #1: How to Use Story Structure (Or, Not)
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