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Criticized for Being Healthy
A few months ago, I was at a family gathering and there was
food all around me. Trying to make wiser choices, I reached the fruit salad bowl
on the table instead of a cheesecake and suddenly heard a family member saying:
“Why are you starving yourself? That...
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Posture Check
It was a typical day at work when I went downstairs to grab
some lunch, only to overhear several senior managers talk about their back and
joint aches over lunch. I’ve noticed that a few of them had an arched back and
poor postures as they sat together. So ...
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The Sitting Disease
I’m finally back after a short gateway to Dubai, and I have
made a huge discovery – even though I was aware of it way before but I had the
chance to look at it closely now and see how it truly affects us all. This
major discovery is known as “The Sitting Di...
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Giving up Dieting
[Before reading this blog post, I just want to let my
readers know that I’m neither a certified nutritionist nor a doctor. Therefore,
whatever advice I give is solely based on my experience. If you want to seek
medical help this is not the place. I’m only s...
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Dealing with Setbacks in your Life
So much for “losing the last 5 kilos by the end of Ramadan,”
I had vowed not to binge eat during Ramadan as a means of finally achieving my
goals of stopping binge eating. If I hadn’t experienced these strong binge
urges; I would have never believed that su...
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Using Ramadan to Detox
The fasting month is here and that means 15 hours of fasting
with endless temptations, right? Not this time!   To me, every Ramadan was a month where I would completely stop working
out and take the time to indulge in all the food they prepare at home. Unti...
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Identifying your Binge Triggers
Over the past month and a half, I’ve been fighting my binge
urges quite frequently and I have to tell you that each time I overcome it; I
learn something new in the process. My recovery didn’t involve me following a
strict nutrition plan. Instead, it was mo...
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Conquer Your Binge Eating Thoughts
This week has been a bit hectic for me, in terms of trying
to keep up with gym and proper nutrition. Most of my days were fighting my
binge urges. I gave up once. I’m glad though, because it was only once and it
did not continue to a series of “binge episod...
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Please Be Careful About What You Say when Kids Are Listening!
We live in a country where “dieting” and “depriving yourself
from food” is a normal part of growing up. It has become common knowledge that “dieting”
is not referred to as nourishing your body and changing your lifestyle. In
fact, dieting is referred to as ...
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Opening up about My Binge Eating Disorder
Hi. Hope everyone’s having a great day. One hour left for
work, I finished what I had to do (the rest can wait tehe). I’m secretly typing
this and hoping that no one will look over my shoulder. Anyway... What’s binge eating? It’s my opponent, my biggest fea...
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