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Don't understand why my YouTube account can't be linked to my Google+ account same way as Twitter or LinkedIn. Is YouTube a second zone citizen at Google?
Plus I don't see the point in adding a video posting service on Google+ that don't relate in some way to YouTube.

I think next killer feature for Google+ would be recursive circles. I mean, my close friends are a sub circle of my friends, which are most probably old acquaintances...

What's cool with Google+:
- Realtime
- Nice interface

What's bad:
- Can't alias other users names (My very own mother is listed as 'icl graphic', because it's in her corporate email signature)
- Can't chat directly with users you're connected with (but you can with other chat users. Weird...)
- Hangout won't allow text communication, only video chat... Hello Google, think KISS!
- Can't link to public profile with a nice url. Is there even a public profile somewhere?
- Can't hide people you really don't want to invite from invite pane (Do I really need to invite Wave bots I used 2 years ago? No, I don't...)

What's ugly:
- Not even a mention of terms and conditions at sign up
- Default privacy settings to "share all to everybody" (should be called "Facebook mode")
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