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The good: It's another beautiful sunny day. I got poor pony clipped so she's cool again (2nd clip this year!). Other pony got bathed. Nice ride.

The bad: Due to riding in shorts, I have 'caught the sun'.
My damn necklace broke while riding, so it's lost somewhere out in the countryside. I never take it off, has great importance to me... not happy.
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Sorry bout the necklace, maybe it will pop up some day.
Given the ground we covered, at the speeds we went, I expect it'll either be broken or buried somewhere.
Oh well, all for a reason. I was clearly supposed to move on and something else to wear about my throat will come up. =)
I know. I just love messin' with your head
Honestly... you'd think I were something other than a sweet, innocent young woman..
Thanks =) Although I suspect it was lost on one of the canters.
I don't think you're sweet and innocent, but you are a good girl.

I too hope you find your necklace
o.O Now that is treading on dodgy ground :-P
You started it, you like games, you figure it out :-P
You got a war on your hands now missy
Oh I'm sure I'll come out of it just fine =D
>>> as the sound of tumbleweeds rolling across an arid plain fade into the distance, Nick can only surmise that Shen has given up, backed out feeling that she would have been fighting a losing battle <<<
I'm no fool. I can sit back and watch you waste your energy aalllll day :-P

Methinks she thinks the silent treatment constitutes a win here
Oh well, if she's not going to play anymore, I'm going to the post office...
I didn't say I wasn't playing. Also wasn't giving anyone the silent treatment, merely multi-tasking :-P
Your move.
:-p to you too. I'm still going to the post office. I have no choice. Euros won't get into my pocket any other way.
Not any other legal way anyway :-P
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