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3,500 words down on the work in progress. Not too bad particularly given how busy I've been with blurb writing, paperwork chasing and editing. 
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The other one =)
I don't have the emotional energy to write Prague Noir at the moment. It's quite draining lol
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Shen Hart

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Who's coming to Prague for a party with me and +Gabriel Fitzpatrick this summer then? =D
We may have convinced +AJ Maguire to enjoy this gorgeous city with us, anyone else? :-P
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So tempted.  
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Shen Hart

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It appears that I may have ruined some people's Monday yesterday as I was very busy and forgot to share the latest review! Well, here it is. Yesterday the review of +Steve Turnbull Steampunk Mystery Murder Out Of The Blue went live. 

Both the review and the book are well worth a read ;-)
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And thank you +Brian Sherd :-)
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Shen Hart

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Never bring me a bad book you hope to make passable. Bring a good book you want to make great.
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Shen Hart

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For the record - I am not 35.
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+Russ Whaley If you ever find yourself in Prague we may consider continuing this conversation. ;-)
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Shen Hart

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I'm getting the impression that I come across... differently on here to in person. I don't know quite what you think, but I work hard and play harder in person. But, whatever. 
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Shen Hart

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It's come to my attention that people aren't sure whether +Gabriel Fitzpatrick is a guy or a girl. 

I'll just sit back here with my popcorn and giggle :-P
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Prague's a party city, so from May - September you're golden, which seems like great timing to me. If you want to really enjoy the crowds, you'd be better waiting until June - August though. 
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Shen Hart

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New way to learn Czech - put the video games in Czech. 
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Shen Hart

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The final paragraph of this article was what caught my attention:

"You’ll notice that nowhere in those lists is there the suggestion that you should take your time to produce a quality book, and in fact, the Amazon customer reviews for the first three Lucy Kevin titles average out to 3.4 stars, with many readers complaining about the writing, proofreading, and promotional materials for other Lucy Kevin books. (The Sullivan books published under Andre’s own name fare better, but there are still complaints of bad writing.) Okay, so maybe you won’t write a masterpiece if you follow Andre’s advice. But that’s not what being an ebook millionaire is all about, right?"

So many of these big hit authors talk about writing a number of series, pushing books out regularly, etc. Their focus is on sales figures, there is rarely any mention of quality or reader satisfaction. Is quality being sacrificed in favour of high sales numbers? 
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+Rocky Cole You know the same thing other good writers know: revision matters.
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Shen Hart

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While I have quite a harem at this point, there might be an opening for one special person, male or female ;-)
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I'm currently indisposed. Besides... I'm scared. :)
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Developmental Editor & Book Reviewer
Developmental editing, Event organising. Book keeping. Administration. Fiction and non-fiction writing. Social media marketing. Web marketing. Content marketing. Management. Dog Training. Horse training. Coaching people to train their horses/dog. Research.
  • The Review Hart
    Book Reviewer, 2013 - present
    I review books in an entirely honest manner on The Review Hart. I have a focus on indie books with a particular interest in contemporary/urban fantasy and thrillers. I'll consider anything as long as it doesn't contain scenes of rape.
  • The Editing Hart
    Developmental Editor, 2011 - present
    I help my authors fulfill the potential of their stories. I don't push arbitrary rules onto them, I ask questions and make suggestions. My role is to bring out the very best in the author and help them do their story justice. I pride myself on being thorough and efficient. I usually return manuscripts which are under 100k words long within 7 days, complete with all chapter notes and final write-up.
  • Literary+
    Leader & Founder, 2013
    I covered everything within the business and collective. I did all administration, planning, organising, marketing, sales, administration, management, content writing, copywriting, some fiction and non-fiction writing, and more.
  • Literary+
    Marketing Consultant, 2013
    I offered consultations to indie authors and related professionals including editors. I wrote marketing plans, analysed current social media efforts, improved the author's social media marketing, aided in writing blurbs and profiles, advised on writing content, planned blog tours, approached media outlets, and taught the author how to understand their audience.
  • Myself
    Freelance Copywriter, 2012
    I wrote copy for a number of different businesses ranging from property developers to self-published authors. I also wrote SEO, website content, blog posts, advertising materials and emails.
  • Tiaden Dog Supplies
    Owner, 2010
    This was my dog supplies business which I ran through both a website and through a market stall. I sold everything a dog owner could and would need for their dog. This meant that I did everything from deal with wholesalers, stock management, book-keeping, marketing, sales, copywriting, business administration, website design and content, customer service, everything.
  • Tiaden Canine Fitness & Training
    Owner., 2006 - 2011
    I managed in excess of 70 dogs all of which had wide and varying needs. I worked with everything from nervous puppies, dog aggressive dogs, people aggressive dogs and laid back veterans. I did everything for the business, including training my clients to train their dogs, book-keeping, sales, marketing, diary management, training dogs, training new employees and more.
  • Burntwood Kennels.
    Manager, 2007
    I had 7 members of staff beneath me which I had to delegate tasks to and make sure they were keeping to their schedules. I cared for over 100 dogs, each with their own needs including special dietary and exercise needs. I personally dealt with the dog and people aggressive dogs. It was my job to make sure that both the cattery and kennels ran smoothly and every job was done in an efficient manner to the highest standards.
  • Myself.
    Riding Instructor., 2007 - 2013
    I taught a variety of people to ride horses, taking them their very first time sitting on a horse through to jumping. My clients ranged from toddlers through to adults and confident through to nervous.
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July 31
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Shen Hart.
Developmental editor, drinker of absinthe, weaver of stories & book reviewer.
I am English born and bred but I migrated to Prague June 2013. I have a great love of pretty journals, post-its and chocolate. 

I have been and will continue to be many things. I'm passionate, driven, determined and cheeky as sin. My interests include (but are far from limited to) philosophy, psychology, writing, dog training, horses, equine & canine nutrition, genetics, theology and much more.

I'm a party girl with a love of life and a fiery streak. I run my own businesses and have run a number of different businesses, both my own and other people's over the years. I'm a developmental editor, a book reviewer ( and a business coach. I throw myself into everything I do, and will always give my all to my clients.
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I trained 3 national champions (dogs) by the age of 19. Broke in 2 horses entirely bareback. Jumped a 12.2h pony round courses of 4ft.
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Prague, Czech Republic
Guildford, U.K - Leamington Spa - Worcester, UK
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