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Portugal Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Southern Europe. The “city of seven hills” is situated on the big river Tajo and is very picturesque. There are a lot of things and buildings to discover, Lisbon is always full of surprises. It does not matter if you visit the remarkable sights, like the elevator Santa Justa, the castle Sao Jorge, the enormous bridge Ponte 25 de Abril, take the historical tramway, or just linger through the many little alleys or big boulevards- you will love the city! For more information about this fascinating city click here:
But other parts of Portugal are interesting as well. The popular Algarve, the South coast of Portugal, is known for its long and beautiful beaches. Asides from relax in the sun, you can also do long walks alongside the coast and even do wander tours. This part of Portugal is full of action on the one hand, and relaxing on the other. Also a very important city is Porto, which is very historical- it is practically the place where the nation Portugal was founded. But it is a fusion of the medieval UNESCO world heritage center and modern architecture. It is a good point to start to see the nature and diversity of the country. Portugal has also two famous islands: the Azores and Madeira. If you visit one of these, you will feel like in the Caribbean due to white beaches, turquoise sea water and countless palms.
If you want to inform about the best places in the vibrant cities, find the most beautiful locations on the coast or search the best excursions, you may need mobile internet on your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, the Portugal Prepaid Sim Card is the best option. You can choose between several data bundles and the simcard covers the whole country, including the islands. You will always be reachable, due to free minutes to call to other European countries. This Portugal Prepaid Sim Card brings you many advantages for your vacations in Portugal.

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Romania Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Romania is a diverse country and offers activities for every type of tourism. You find lots of untouched nature, especially in the wonderful Carpathian Mountains, which characterize the East European country. It is perfect to hike, do mountain biking or camp and to discover wild animals and lost monasteries. One part of the Carpathians is the famous Transylvania, where according to legends and myths lives Dracula and other dark creatures. This place with its medieval villages really transfers you to the fabulous history.
On the other side, there is a big coast of the Black Sea, which invites you to bath and relax on the beaches. But you can also discover the many remains of the old Greek who inhabited this part of Romania thousands of years ago.
Of course you should visit Bucharest, the remarkable capital of the country. It is called the “Paris of the East” because of its French influence and the big boulevards and splendid architecture. There are also many palaces and mansions and you can visit countless interesting museums and find places to go out as well. Find out more about Bucharest’s sights:
To guarantee a perfect trip without having to worry about anything, it is recommendable to get the Romania Prepaid Sim Card. It helps you to stay connected with your dears at home due to mobile internet and hence, use of social media. It is also useful to find the best places and sights in Romanian cities or the best accommodations on your hiking tours. The use is very simple, you only have to insert the simcard in your smartphone or tablet and it is ready to be used. The Romania Prepaid Sim Card is a good option to always have access to internet.

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Slovenia Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Slovenia is a very green and ecology-minded country and therefore popular for nature lovers. Especially the national park Triglav is unique. There are several routes for hiking and you can escalate the over 4000 m high mountains of the Alp landscape. You can also find several caves all over the country which are worth it to discover and there is a beautiful thermal spring and some astonishing waterfalls and canyons.
Slovenia has also a beautiful Adriatic coast, which is perfect to spend beach holidays. If you go to coast places like Pirano, you can get to know the real Slovenian life- few tourists and picturesque old cities make these locations very authentic.
The capital Ljubjana is also known to be very ecological. There are countless green places in the city and the tourism is designed in a sustainable way. A big castle enthrones the cityscape and you can discover lots of Venetian springs. The most emblematic sight of the capital is the Dragon Bridge, which is the symbol of the city. It is very interesting to walk through the cute streets of Ljubjana.
To guarantee a perfect trip to Slovenia, you may need the Slovenia Prepaid Sim Card. It allows you to get access to mobile internet from your smartphone or tablet, so that you can always check the best places, information about excursions or cheapest hotels during your stay. It is also useful to stay connected with you family and friends at home; you can chat with them via Whatsapp, share your best pictures and impressions on Facebook or just check your E-Mails or the news. You have also the opportunity to use your free minutes to make calls.
This Slovenia Prepaid Sim Card brings you many advantages.

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Hungary Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Hungary is a very beautiful country and offers specials sights to tourists. The capital Budapest is UNESCO world heritage and when you arrive here, you will understand why. The architecture is impressionable; the many art nouveau buildings are simply lovely. There are many bridges in the city crossing the immense Danube River and countless mysterious caves and subterraneous labyrinths. You can also visit many historical forts, parks and art museums. Budapest has really many things to discover.
But other parts of Hungary are as interesting as its capital. Recommendable are biking tours through the wide landscape, swim in the big seas, like the biggest European inland lake of Balaton,  and observe the nature in the eleven national parks. Discover this beautiful country- you will love it!
If you want to spend your holidays in Hungary, the Hungary Prepaid Sim Card is very practical to get access to mobile internet and call your dears at home. You only have to insert the simcard in your smartphone, tablet or mifi and it is ready to be used. With the Hungary Prepaid Sim Card, you can stay in touch with your family via Whatsapp and other social media, google the best restaurants or hotels in the Hungarian cities or simply call to mobile phones in Europe due to free minutes. This sim card is very useful to stay communicated!

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Latvia Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Latvia is one of the three Baltikum countries and counts to one of the greenest on the world. The capital Riga has beautiful sights to visit for example the historical old town, many markets and churches or the harbour from hanseatic times.
Very worth it to know is the Gauja national park, which owns a diverse landscape and there are lots of activities to do. You will find pictorial sandstones and rivers, interesting rocks and caves and little villages where you can learn a lot about the history of the park and the traditions of the Latvians. It is very good to do hiking tours, boat tours or, in winter, ski. The national park is full of action.
Near to Gauja, is located the old town of Cesis, where you can visit an admirable castle with its park. Or you go to Ventspils, a medieval city of the Baltic Sea coast. In summer, you can swim in the beautiful sea.
Latvia is a very beautiful country and recommendable to visit!
In order to spend vacations without trouble in Latvia, it is suggestible to buy the Latvia Prepaid Sim Card. It is useful to have access to mobile internet from your smartphone or other devices in order to use your social networks to communicate with your dears at home. It is also good for checking the best places to go out, restaurants or hotels or to inform about sights in the towns where you are. If you need to, you can also realise calls due to free minutes to phones all over Europe. The Latvia Prepaid Sim Card is the perfect attendant for your trip to Latvia.

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Slovakia Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Slovakia is situated in East Europe and is a very multifaceted country. It is the perfect place for history lovers, because it is full of prehistoric and medieval history and mysterious wonders. Countless castles shape the landscape of Slovakia; it is the place, which owns most castles in the world! The oldest one is from the 9th century and there are some of the biggest ever known. Find out here about the most beautiful castles:  You can also explore big stalactite caves and other caves and take a bath in healing thermal springs. But the cities, especially the capital Bratislava, are fascinating as well. The Danube crosses this beautiful city and the picturesque streets will fascinate you. Slovakia has also a unique nature, which is almost untouched and where you can find wild animal life with animals, that in the rest of Europe do not exist anymore- like the bear, wolfs or wild horses. If you want to enjoy this adventure, you should visit the numerous national parks of Slovakia.
To share your impressions of this unique country with your family and friends at home you should get the Slovakia Prepaid Sim Card. With that, you have access to mobile internet so that you can always stay communicated with your dears via Whatsapp, Facebook and Co. and tell them, what you are experiencing. It is also useable to search the best hostels, places to go out and excursions. The use is very simple, hence you will not have any problems to surf in the internet. You can choose between several data bundles to make sure to always have enough mobile internet.

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Lithuania Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Although Lithuania is a small country, it offers many activities to it visitors. It has a beautiful Baltic Sea coast, various national parks and picturesque cities.
You can learn much about its history when you visit the museums of the capital Vilnius, explore the archaeological site of the primary capital Kernave or do a trip to the castle of the mediaeval castle of Trakai. The country is lanced by many lakes and rivers, which make it a very green place. The national parks show you the untouched nature and tranquility of the landscape. You can also be active and make canoe tours through the rivers or biking tours to the nature.
Another very popular form of getting to know the country is doing the rural tourism. If you want tranquil and relaxed vacations without much trouble, this is the perfect way to do it. You stay in a farm, where you will know an original farming family and its hospitality. You can do excursions, sports or take a sauna bath or just walk through the fields and do not have to worry about anything. It is definitely worth it!
For your trip to Lithuania you may need the Lithuania Prepaid Sim Card. With it, you always have access to mobile internet via data bundles from your smartphone or tablet, so that you will always me reachable and stay up to date with Whatsapp and Co. You can surf in the internet searching the best sights of the country or just plan your next excursion. You have also free calls to all over Europe to phone with your friends and family at home. It is a very good way to stay communicated during your vacations.

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Australia Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Australia- the big island, where we think of the enormous Outback, the Great Barrier Reef and endless long beaches and surfing points. All that attracts millions of tourists to Australia, but there is much more to do. It is one of the most multifaceted places in the world, no matter what you are interested in; you surely will find it in Australia!
 The country impresses with modern cities, such as Canberra and Sidney, which hosts lots of culture, shopping malls and many places to go out.
One of the most spectacular things to do is to discover the underwater world and coasts. Very recommendable are the many islands around Australia, which are perfect to do snorkeling, diving, excursions with the boat or just spend some comfortable days on the beaches. You can find either full beaches with tourists from all over the world that are well-known as surfing beaches, or you go to lonely bays where you can enjoy the tranquility of the nature.
You can also learn about the Aborigine culture, the original inhabitants of Australia. They offer you special tours, where they show you their home, their traditions, music, food and art. You will get into the life of the Aborigines and participate actively. Click here to learn more about the Aborigines:
Of course, the rich fauna of Australia is one of the most interesting. You can explore the natural habitat of the koala, kangaroo, big snakes, toxic spiders and every sort of animal you can imagine. Definitely one of the highlights!
During your amazing trip to this special place, it is very useful to get the Australia Prepaid Sim Card. It allows you to surf in the internet wherever you are- on the beaches, in the outback or the cities. This sim card covers the whole island, so that you never will have to matter about access to mobile internet. Hence, you can use Whatsapp to tell your friends where you are, Instagram and Facebook to share your best pictures, and Google Maps to find the best places on your spot. This Australia Prepaid Sim Card is very recommendable!

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Turkey Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Turkey is a very diverse country, a mix of vibrating cities, different landscapes and historical sites.
Istanbul is a good example for that. Because it is situated on both continents, Europe and Asia, it has the modernity of Europe and the exotic oriental flair. The panorama of the city is one of the most remarking. With the Bosporus crossing Istanbul and sites like the Blue Mosque and the Dolmabahçe Palace, it fascinates thousands of visitors. Click here to find the best sights of Istanbul:
But other regions are interesting as well. The influence of the antique Romans are visible all over the country, you can find Roman Coliseums or other sites. If you go to Antalya, you can spend great beach holidays or find out prehistoric landscapes in Kapadokya.
All in all, there is much to do in Turkey.
When you are there and want to know what to do, you can use the Turkey Prepaid Sim Card. It offers you mobile internet for you smartphone, tablet or router, so that you can surf in the internet from all over Turkey. It is also useable to make calls to your home for free or chat with your friends through social media. Wit the Turkey Prepaid Sim Card you will always be reachable and you will make sure to not miss anything during your holidays.

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Sri Lanka Prepaid Sim Card Pay-as-you-go
Sri Lanka is an almost unknown pearl in Southeast Asia. The island shares a lot of culture with its neighbouring country India, but is however very different. Sri Lanka’s beaches are certificates as the most beautiful from National Geographic- it seems like a paradise. It is not only perfect to relax and get a tan; it is also a much known surfing destination.
But the country has much more to offer: the people and its culture are incredibly special. The openness and hospitality of the locals, the exotic food, and the spirituality- you will love it! Moreover, the nature is unique, it is one of the most bio diverse countries in the world and you can observe many wild animals, such as elephants, leopards and a beautiful fauna. Sri Lanka offers you tours to enormous waterfalls, green valleys, or ancient Buddhist and Hinduist temples.
Discover more of this beautiful island here:  
Because travelling through Sri Lanka gives you so many impressions, you may share your experiences with your friends and family. If you want to connect to mobile internet with your smartphone, the Sri Lanka Prepaid Sim Card is very useful. This simcard covers the whole island, so that there is no problem to use Whatsapp and co. or search cheap accommodations, good restaurants or tours. With the Sri Lanka Prepaid Sim Card you do not have to worry about nothing.
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