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Teri Casper
I love watercolor painting and really, doing anything creative.
I love watercolor painting and really, doing anything creative.

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It Was The Braid.....
It was the braid of this young girl that first got my attention, then, when this statement was spoken during the sermon I knew they went together perfectly.  There is something so serene about her pose, I love it. Happy Sunday

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A Need For Flowers
I just felt the need for a vase of flowers. Have a great weekend and stay warm.  It's even cold here in Arizona!

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Practicing Buildings
I have spent a few days at the Apple store getting my laptop 'in shape' so I also took that time to stop at Starbucks and get a few sketches in. The Apple store is in an upscale shopping center. This is a huge outdoor fireplace with an outside cafe.  Made m...

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Cactus Monday....In The Mountains
I have painted the Catalina Mountains so many times that I sat down the other evening and sketched them from memory using water-soluble ink.  Then I added the Saguaro cactus and a few daisies, and finished it off with a haiku.  Talk about one thing eading t...

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Hey Marj....
I don't have your email address so am writig here.  We are the only ones that ever post or comment here (and you more than me)...Do you think we should close out the Blog? Send me your thoughts please.

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Hey Marj...
Marj, I don't have your email address but wanted to ask you if we should stop posting to this Blog.  It's been only you and me (and you more) that ever post or comment.  Are we spinning our wheels? What do you think?

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First Sunday In Advent
I sketched this in church and when I painted it at home I realized I wanted to emphasis the beginning of Advent so only painted the candles and wreath. Happy first Sunday in Advent and the first Sunday in December.

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Large Vase Of Blooms
I saw this large vase of blooms when I was at the Apple Store and took a photo to paint later. Done. Have a fun weekend.

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Food And Football
We had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday despite none of our children being here, but we talked and Skyped with them. Before and after dinner it was football time and Zentangle time. Hope you day was also wonderful!!

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Church Flowers
Such pretty flowers in church today. Sketched in church and painted at home. Have a nice Sunday
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