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Nicholas Windley

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I help business leaders who are frustrated with their current revenue growth, from start-ups to established companies. Having discussed various issues with lots of companies many of whom are small to medium-sized business, others who are in specialist markets and some industry giants I've heard some simple home truths; a) We need to improve our ability to open doors and reduce the sales waste associated with chasing business. OR b) Marketing is just an expense which we avoid or we don't understand enough about the return to justify further investment. It's not uncommon to come across sales and marketing teams that are going through a lot of change at the moment who need help understanding how they are going to adapt in order to get the results they need. Maybe you're starting up, it could be that your current business has reached a plateau or you're looking to move into new markets. So, if anything I've touched on here rings true with you then don't be shy. I'll extend the same caring and critical thinking you've demonstrated by reaching out to me. FOR MORE - Go Here > Specialties Creating smarter collaborative sales and marketing environments that your people, prospects and customers will want to be a part of. Using marketing to build relationships remotely, to inform and to ultimately sell in a way that modern buyers are hungry for. Building high integrity sales teams and sales channels on a national or international scope.
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Shibuya, Japan - Coventry, United Kingdom - Birmingham, United Kingdom - Kidderminster, United Kingdom
PERFORMANCE Sales & Marketing Practitioner B2B - Interim Sales & Marketing Manager / Director - UK Consultant
Brief for now (needs updating);

After studying as an engineer I transitioned into sales and marketing and found myself becoming more marketing orientated because of its strategy and technology dimensions.  Thats the sensible stuff, now for some fun ;-).

I've seen more crazy stuff.  When I share these stories with people, they can barely believe they're true.  Its the kind of stuff you only hear about in movies one friend told me.

Like the time I was in Japan with a colleague and coming to the end of the trip (loads of stories to tell) we were in the CEO's board room (multi billion TO. Corp) preparing to deliver insights into what we were taking back to the UK in terms of transferable skills and knowledge.

All of a sudden while going through our presentations my colleague glazes over and just stares through me.

Turns out he'd bottom burped and followed through!! 

We then had to escape, travel and return without being noticed and in time.  A lesson in dynamic planning.

Then there was the time that a boss had a mental break down.  He turned up at an event we were running with a face and head (he was bald) covered in hives. He looked like some Dr Who alien, and proceeded to ring up people who hadn't attended and shout abuse at them down the phone!!.  A lesson in customer service.

Then there was the time that the super star sale guy from another divions of the company decided to demo his indestructable product in a retail shop with lots of glass and china.

After pitching his product across the floor it rebounded off one of the side walls straight into a glass display case taking the case and its contents with it.  A lesson in the true cost of sales calls.

I could go on......I probably will one day soon.....for now though at least you know I'm human ;-)
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Ordinary bloke, extraordinary dreams, crazy reality
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    B.Eng. (Hons) Elec. Eng., 1993 - 1996
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