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Making the Most Delicious Mie Ayam
Making the Most Delicious Mie Ayam - How to Make Fried Noodles special eggs so easily cooked. Healthy cuisine, feasting and without complicated in the presentation. Fried noodles is guaranteed the whole family loved it. Fried noodles into a food that can no...

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Here Batagor Bangung Typical Most Delicious
Here Batagor Bangung Typical Most Delicious - The food was very tasty and loved by everyone from this generation lintar tempt the tongue. Of the term, this batagor an acronym or a continuation of the "meatball fried tofu". The food was so tasty is made of a...

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Eating Bubur Ayam Morning
Eating Bubur Ayam Morning - Tempe Bacem, who does not know the food on this one? Tempe bacem enter the ranks of traditional food is still popular. Especially the Java community who is familiar with the food on this one. Even the Jakarta began making tempe b...

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Baru gabung nih, salam kenal ya buat semuanya :)

Senyumlah jika kau ingin melihat orang lain tersenyum kepadamu :)

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