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Jeff LaFerney
I'm a teacher, author, and blogger. I'm a husband, father, and friend.
I'm a teacher, author, and blogger. I'm a husband, father, and friend.

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Here are some things writers need to know about adverbs.

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What about adverbs in your writing? Here are my thoughts.

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Adverbs--Parts of Speech in Writing
As I continue my journey through most of the parts
of speech, today I’m going to write about adverbs. I’ve already written about
action verbs and linking verbs

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I inadvertently ran across my own blog post. I laughed when I read it again, so I thought I'd share it.

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Use your grammar skills to write better sentences.

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Parts of Speech: Linking Verbs
The dictionary definition of expert is “a person
who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular
area.” An English teacher, as an example, should be an expert in the grammar of
the English language. He or she should know the ...

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Parts of Speech: Action Verbs
Our language is built on eight parts of speech.
Those parts are the building blocks of every sentence every writer writes. They
can be manipulated to express beautiful, romantic, inspiring, imaginative
things, and they can be manipulated to express unintell...

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Are you feeling nostalgic? Times have changed so much that maybe you yearn for the good old days. But maybe those days weren't always better. Regardless, this blog should stir some memories.

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The Days of Yesteryear for Better or Worse
I spent my childhood in the 60s and
70s. Obviously, life was different then. Was it better? Was it worse? Well, I’m
going to be the judge of that because I’m listing fourteen random areas of
difference and telling you if I think they were better, worse, or ...
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