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Are you an #entrepreneur  or an investor? Attended a pitch event?
Then, you'll love this < 5 minute read with actionable tips!

The Gap Between Idea and Execution is Vast and Needs to be Filled

#entrpreneurship   #entrepreneur   #entrepreneurthemovie
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SUPER excited to announce a brand new concept movie for #Entrepreneurs is in production!

This movie will generate jobs by creating new entrepreneurs and increasing the livelihood of our existing entrepreneurs with 10 key knowledge nuggets to help those in need push through the struggle.

-----> Real People. Real Life. Real Stories. <---

Be the first to find out when this 30 minute movie is released!
#TheStruggleisReal   #Entrepreneurship   #EntrepreneurTheMovie  
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Your email signature is an awesome and free branding tool! (Important digital Real Estate).
Post your email signature or quesbelow for feedback:
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Want #Brand  engagement? Be enchanting!

Here's a great video to "show" you how to do it!
Awesome talk filled w/ laughter! Excellent talk +Guy Kawasaki +Brian Solis (Bonus: Guy shares 2 of my favorite books to read!).

Art of Enchantment via BrianSolisTV
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Got Anxiety? Maybe you are in transition (an in-between period) as many are this time of year! Here is a helpful, insightful blog by +Tamara McCleary (Founder of RELATIONSHIFT®): 
"Betwixt and Between, at the Threshold of Transition"
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>> Hey, any +Gary Vaynerchuk fans out there?!
Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs are starving to hear from practitioners, not talkers (time wasters!)...

Gary Vee is the best of the best real people (who isn't afraid to be himself on or off stage). You can learn tons from him in an hour whether you want to build an empire or a lifestyle business. Help make your dream come true via hard work, hustle and actionable knowledge that rings true with YOU, your goals, values, and beliefs.

I attended this +Startup Grind LA event in July, 2015 and the actionable inspiration and knowledge nuggets will resonate with me for life. Was even in the front row (1:03:20 is my "Kathy" shout out - very cool moment!) and a cool post-event moment was that the interviewer +Joe Famalette wrote a blog on 3 things he learned from interviewing Gary. This was truly a one-of-a-kind event!

Video here:

Video bottom line: Stop pitching. Embrace yourself, start doing and build your brand value to accelerate your business to the next level!

Blog here:

Blog bottom line: 
1/ Know Who You Are & Take Advantage of It
2/ Be Honest With Yourself
3/ Actions Over Words

Thanks Joe for hosting this awesome event and of course, Gary Vee for your contagious energy and lessons learned from self-awareness to motivate the crowd to action!
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Creating Success No Matter What with Top Chef Fabio Viviani

Great #brand  story about an Italian guy who came to America and became a "Brand Mogul" - it's not an overnight success story.

I met Fabio at his first cooking class 9 years ago... from a local community college advertisement. He had 10 people, then grew year by year from that humble start. He doesn't quit and shares great tips.

Bottom line for cooking and branding: If you use quality ingredients and cook with care, you will create a quality dish that people will love!

3 truths:
1/ Do it right or do it twice.
2/ Take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.
3/ Life isn't about how good you had it, only how bad you want it.

Great interview +Lewis Howes!
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Someone asked for a podcast interview, so I went in the archives and found one from 2013 - thanks to +Kenya Halliburton! That was a fun blast from the past, and I'm happy to hear it is still relevant as that was my intention.

As Kenya states:: "If you’re having trouble keeping up with #content to market your business, it’s usually a sign that you need a #brand health check.

#Branding is a huge area of struggle for many solo-preneurs. And as a content marketing person, I can tell you that if you aren’t clear on your brand identity, it’s going to be difficult if not impossible for you to communicate effectively or with results."

If that is you, hope this helps:
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Holy Moly, this is the BEST video yet - especially for all those sitting on the video sidelines ... jump in the game, it's fun! 

Before jumping, pause for a moment to soak in the background of this awesome video from +Marie Forleo. This is BIG - she is sharing 7 lessons learned from 256 episodes. Talk about the best of the best.
Thanks for sharing, Marie!

For me, the first lesson was my favorite!!
Why? Marie started in her kitchen without all the fancy lighting, crew, equipment, etc... my videos started in my family room then moved into my kitchen.

What is your favorite lesson learned and why?
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