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12 Commitments. 12 Months. Start any time!

Are you the kind of person who starts strong and then loses track of your goals a few weeks into the effort? Do you have great intentions but miss the execution on the day-to-day? Does the word “focus” describe something you wish you could improve?

12in12 is a group effort to improve your success in building positive habits around your goals. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit (some people say 66). Take an entire month (or the equivalent consecutive days) and see how the world can change for you!

Join us in expressing your monthly challenge or goal, and improve your success by connecting and sharing with others engaged in the 12in12 effort.

It works like this:
Pick one thing to do consistently every day for a month. It can be something new you want to try, something you want to get better at or something you want to see if you can live without. Commit to doing this thing every day for that month no matter what, even when you don’t want to, even when it hurts, even when it sucks. The practice is the reward. Once the month is up, you’ll start your next thing. You may or may not want to continue the previous month’s practice longer if it’s working for you, however, you still need to introduce something new for the new month.

Day 1 of month1, I do 25 pushups every morning when I wake up. Last day of month1, I decide that I want to continue doing pushups every morning. New month2 Day 1, I begin a month of no coffee, while still doing my pushups every morning. Last day of month2, I decide that I want to go back to coffee, but still continue the pushups. Day 1 of month3, I begin a month of meditating everyday, and still continue the pushups. Last day of month3, I decide I want to continue the meditating, and will begin one month of no TV in month IV. So now, I’m still meditating, doing pushups, and trying no TV. Repeat until end of Month 12.

We’re where you are:

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It costs no money to join, and you can start whenever you’re ready. Don’t wait for a new month. Jump on when you discover the concept, and begin the very next day. Come back regularly to stay connected to a warm and encouraging community of people working to accomplish their own goals each month, and share in the excitement of seeing your milestones and victories add up!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via and I’ll gladly respond.


Jacqueline Carly 

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