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music, instrument, stringed, guitar, midi, digital, setar, keyboard
music, instrument, stringed, guitar, midi, digital, setar, keyboard


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We were quite, but actually very busy:)
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Excited to release another great software product: Farabi Composer:)

After introducing vTar, we are very excited to bring to you another great music software, Farabi Composer. Farabi is a music notation software with Persian notation capabilities. This software has been developed jointly by Soutazin, a technology company pioneer in Persian music, and our company Balute.

Farabi can be downloaded here:

Some of the important features of Farabi are as follow:

Creating and playing microtonal intervals such as sori and koron
Ability of playing Persian scales such as Shur, Homayun, Chahargah and etc
Ability of running a numerous techniques of Persian instruments, sampled in different velocity layers
Importing and exporting files in different formats from and to other software’s
Adjusting and editing audio effects for any instrument and related techniques, one by one
Tuning and adjusting velocity and on-time and off-time offset each note
Creating and editing the pieces in a very user-friendly environment

If you are a fan of vTar, you’d be happy to know that Farabi and vTar can work together. If you create a MIDI file using vTar, you can see the notes as a score sheet in Farabi.

Farabi is available for Windows platform in Lite and Pro formats. You can purchase Farabi Lite from our website (30 days free trial, $39.99 afterward). To purchase Farabi Pro which contains high quality sample banks of Persian instruments, please contact us through email.
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Upgrade your vTar to vTar 1.0.1 now! 

vTar can now recognize a MIDI keyboard that is connected to your computer through the USB port. This enables you to turn your MIDI keyboard into a Persian musical instrument. For example, if you select Shoor on vTar, white keys of the MIDI keyboard will play Shoor, and so on. Currently, this feature works on vTar for Windows. 

You can upgrade your vTar at .
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If you had difficulties downloading or installing vTar, please email us at You can also check our support page at
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Download vTar Pro for Windows, and try it for free for 30 days!
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vTar is now available in two versions: vTar Lite (free) and vTar Pro, for Windows, Mac, Linux:)

You can download them here:
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vTar is now available for download!

We are very excited to announce the launch of vTar (virtual eTar). vTar is a standalone desktop application that turns your computer keyboard into an instrument that can play microtonal music.

Download vTar from this link:

If are you a professional musician, you can use vTar:

-to investigate intervals and scales
-to research harmonics of quarter tones
-to easily compose your musical ideas and save them as midi files
-to find and save the best harmonic progressions for your melodies

If you are a beginner or an intermediate player you can use vTar:

-to tune your instrument to familiarize yourself with intervals and scales
-to train your musical ear
-to compose music
-to understand chords

If you are not a musician, you can simply have fun with the notes and the sounds of over hundred different instruments.

We hope you enjoy playing music with vTar, and look forward to also bringing you the experience of playing eTar in near future.
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We are going to launch virtual eTar in the next few days:) If you'd like to try it now before everyone else, comment on this post.
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Balute is sponsoring the Persian New Year Celebration which is happening this eventing in Waterloo.
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Now you can play eTar wirelessly. ^_^ The Bluetooth technology has been added. :)
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