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Sureshine | Natural Stone Cleaning and Repair in Orange County | Marble | Granite | Travertine
Your stone floors will never look so good!
Your stone floors will never look so good!


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Glass Polishing and Sealing Treatments

Over the years we have seen a lot of glass shower door surrounds that become cloudy with minerals from water spray. Even when the glass is treated from the factory, the repeated use of a squeegee will degrade the surface to the point that it can become cloudy.

Sureshine can add years to the beauty and the useful life of your shower glass.

This service is an affordable addition to any project or a stand-alone service. We have been polishing shower and other glass for more than 10 years and have restored 1000’s of shower surrounds to like new condition.

To book our services, please visit

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Your Saltillos lend an old world feel to your home. They are easy to clean and easy to maintain by applying waxes and polishes for many years. And now you can see the build up. You can see the evidence of many coats of wax. The grout lines have become black and the tiles seam to have darkened. This is the aging sequence of your saltillo tiles. Somewhere along the way the surface went from looking antiqued and beautiful, to aged and unsightly.

Sureshine has been helping homeowners return their saltillos to at or near the original look for years. You can literally start over and have that beautiful antiqued look back. And as time goes by your floors will age naturally again.

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Sureshine had the opportunity to assit an OC resident with repair of a 20 year old pool.

The Problem:
The homeowner said that he was loosing 6 inches of water per week. He thought it was the holes in the existing grout. He contacted Sureshine to find an adhesive that would hold up to UV and water, have good color and texture so it would appear like the surface was seamless.

The Solution:
We used Bonstone Last Patch Gel that was color matched by the manufacturer. The project took 8 days.

The Results:
Now he looses zero water per week except from evaporation. We removed and replace every grout joint.

To book our services, please visit our website at

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What our customers are saying...

"OMG, I could not recognized my marble counter tops or flooring. They now looks brand new and I do not have to replace them. It used to have many rings from lotion and beauty products on my marble that I could not remove with anything. I tried wax, stain removers, and marble cleaning products...”

Lynn A.
Yelp Customer

Book our services online!
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Job Quality

Our salesmen are highly trained and qualified stone technicians themselves. This enables them to perform correct evaluations and provide competitive proposals for the work to be done, which is clearly indicated on your type written proposal. Our technicians use that same proposal in the performance of your project. Nothing is left out. Our commitment to customer service is written directly on our contract. It’s called our Sureshine Service Guarantee:

Sureshine Care and Restoration Services, Inc. guarantees all work to be completed as indicated. If you are not satisfied call our office and we will return to remedy the situation at no obligation or additional cost.

Our dedication to job quality is reflected in our Service Guarantee. Our technicians perform your job correctly the first time or will return at no charge or obligation. We will ask you to review our work upon completion and fill out a customer service form.

At Sureshine we create customers for life.

For more information or to book our services, please visit our website at

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During sales presentations as well as during projects, questions arise on how to keep your floors looking good over the long term. We consider it a matter of upmost importance for us to educate you on the proper maintenance of your treated surfaces. We carry high quality maintenance products that have been made in the USA and are designed to keep your treated surfaces looking great. In most cases following simple maintenance instructions can save you thousands by extending the useful life of your floors and reducing the need for our professional services.

You should not have to get your floors cleaned or polished every year. The frequency depends on your household, your surface, and the methods you use to maintain your floors. Those methods may be different if you are one of two adults living in your home as opposed to a family of five with a golden retriever. We have developed maintenance methods for every situation and each is designed to save you dollars in the long run and keep your floors looking great during that time.

For more information or to book our services, please visit our website at

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Floors - Counters - Showers

. Guarantee our workmanship in writing
. Deep Clean to get the dirt out
. Refinish to return to like new condition
. Fill holes, cracks and chips
. Remove unevenness between tiles
. Remove household cleaner damage

We specialize in:
. Complete Cleaning of Travertine
. Grout Treatments that “lock out stains” for years
. Polishing Marble, Travertine and Limestone
. Treatments for glass and porcelain
. Deep cleaning flagstone, slate, concrete and more
. Custom finishes on most surfaces

For more information visit

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Things to know about grout

1. Grout is concrete based and so, can have tonal differences
after it dries. Sanded grout can take on a slightly modeled
appearance even though it is clean. For a perfectly
consistent grout color consider using ColorClad.

2. Grout can be weaker in some areas and may come out
during the cleaning. Reasons for this can simply that
there was movement in the floor or the grout may have
have been mixed with too much water during installation.
Sureshine will patch your missing grout upon completion
of the project. Please understand that new grout may not
match old grout exactly.

3. Cracking grout usually means that there is movement
between the tiles. This movement could simply be an
earthquake or it could be persistent movement from
installation. Sureshine can patch missing grout and if
necessary fix moving tiles without costly replacement.

4. Hollow tiles do not always mean that the tile is not properly
installed. If you have hollow issues please give us a call.
Sureshine can fill air pockets below your tiles to reduce
the hollow sound.

For more information or to book our services, please visit our website at

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The Ultimate in Natural Stone Protection

You have spent hours, days, weeks looking for the perfect surface to put on your marble counters. Having looked at everything from engineered stone to granite, your only choice in the beautiful slab of marble that you saw in the stone yard. You may have been told by several people that you would be sorry.

"Marble is a terrible surface for a kitchen counter!"

"You will have nothing but problems!"

"Why do you want to put yourself through that?"

This product is your answer to those and all the other nagging questions how marble reacts to acids and can not maintain a shine.

Clearstone is a revolutionary product that has been test by years of use in homes and business, in kitchens and bartops and vanities and tables. Clearstone takes the worry away from choosing marble.

For more information, please visit our website at

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