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Arne Næss / Deep Ecology
Deep Ecology, Nature, Norway, Care for Nature, Arne Næss, Hallingskarvet, Tvergastein,
Deep Ecology, Nature, Norway, Care for Nature, Arne Næss, Hallingskarvet, Tvergastein,


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Documentary Film: The Call of the Mountain: Arne Naess and the Deep Ecology Movement 

Director: Jan van Boeckel | Producer: Karin van der Molen/Pat van Boeckel
Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 1997 | Story Teller's Country: Netherlands
Tags: Ecology, Environment, Global, Spiritual Awareness


Transcript of the film
The full transcript of the interview with philosopher Arne Naess, that was made for the documentary film The Call of the Mountain is available here:

Interview: Jan van Boeckel
© ReRun Producties, 1997
Blokzijlerdijk 4, 8373 EK Blankenham, The Netherlands
E-mail: welcome(at)


On 1500 metres above sea level, on the slope of the mountain Hallingskarvet, stands "Tvergastein', the cabin of Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess. In his life he has spent nearly 12 years in this hut, where he wrote several books and essays on philosophy and ecology. In this film, Naess tells about the concept of 'deep ecology', which was first introduced by him in 1973. One of the basic tenets of deep ecology is that nature has a value in itself, apart from its possible use value to humans. Next to being a famous mountaineer, Naess has been a longtime activist in the environmental movement.

He gives an inspiring account of his participation in blockades to prevent the Alta river in northern Norway (the area of the Sami, an indigenous people) from being dammed.

With contributions by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Vandana Shiva, Bill Devall, George Sessions and Harold Glasser.

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Arne Næss (27 January 1912 – 12 January 2009) was a Norwegian philosopher who coined the term deep ecology and was an important intellectual and inspirational figure within the environmental movement of the late twentieth century.
In 1939, Næss was the youngest person to be appointed full professor at the University of Oslo and the only professor of philosophy in the country at the time.
He was a noted mountaineer, who in 1950 led the expedition that made the first ascent of Tirich Mir(7,708 m).
The Tvergastein hut in the Hallingskarvet massif played an important role in Ecosophy T, as "T" is said to represent his mountain hut Tvergastein.
Arne Næss (Google+):

This video is a copy from "rerunproducties", DailyMotion:


Jan van Boeckel
Dr. Jan van Boeckel is a Dutch anthropologist, visual artist, art teacher and filmmaker. One of Jan's areas of interest and concern are the worldviews and environmental philosophies of indigenous peoples. Together with filmmaking group ReRun Productions, he produced a series of documentaries on this subject, as well as films on philosophers such as Jacques Ellul and Arne Naess, who provide a critical analysis of the Western way of life. These films include, among others: The Earth is Crying (1987), It's Killing the Clouds (1992), The Betrayal by Technology (1992), and The Call of the Mountain (1997). 

Jan has lived for several years in Hällefors, in the forests of central Sweden, where he was an art teacher to both children and adults, and consultant on international cultural projects. He established the Cloudberry Dreams network with partners in Latvia, England, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The mission of this partnership is to share ideas and to explore new ways to interpret landscapes through art and creativity. Another project he took part in conceptualizing is called "Clearings in the Forest", which focuses on the cultural and mythical significance of open spaces in the woodlands.

Between 2004 and 2006, Jan has worked as Head of Communications at the Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples in Amsterdam.
Inspired by indigenous peoples' cultures, his own engagement in art and art teaching practices, and his experiences of living close to wilderness areas of Sweden, Jan's interest has moved to art as a means to connect to what David Abram aptly called 'the more-than-human-world'.
One of Jan's research interests is the tension between trying to 'open the senses' whilst coping with the current ecological crisis - an issue all the more pressing when working with children.

Since 2007, Jan is member of the ecoart network. He is also on ResearchGate.

In August 2013, Jan defended his doctoral thesis "At the Heart of Art and Earth: An Exploration of Practices in Arts-Based Environmental Education" at  Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and Dr. Sacha Kagan acted as his opponent. The full session can be viewed here:

Currently Jan van Boeckel is employed as Adjunct and Program Director in Design Theory at the Department of Design and Architecture of the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik.

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An article from 2012. One is wondering what the future might be of the Tvergastein hytta.
It seems one searches for people who can fund it.
I have not found an answer on this five years old article.

#Norway #ArneNæss #Tvergastein
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Documentary "Boxing Arne Næss"
By Nina Witoszek and Piotr Kuzinski

#Norway #ArneNæss #DeepEcology #Documentary #NinaWitoszek #PiotrKuzinski
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Documentary: Crossing the Stones
A Portrait of Arne Naess

An intimate biography of the Norwegian founder of deep ecology.
47 minutes
Directed by Jan Horne
Produced by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Arne Naess-Norwegian philosopher, founder of "deep ecology," and alpinist extraordinaire-is the subject of this inspiring portrait. Now in his 80s, Naess is still filled with wonder at the richness of the natural world and our unique place within it. For him life is something to be enjoyed completely.
From a childhood during the First World War through the study of psychoanalysis in Freud's Vienna, through the mid-century hardening of ideologies to the most recent decades with the emergence of ecology as a political force, his exuberant life in the throes of nature has always been characterized by a drive to embrace precise and clear thinking in the face of the great contemporary dilemmas.

Deeply touched by the thought of Spinoza and Gandhi, he coined the term "deep ecology" to express a vision of the world in which we protect the environment as a part of ourselves, never in opposition to humanity. Deep sensitivity to nature is the articulation of something that every child understands. And for Naess, knowledge of the deepest kind should bind humanity to nature, and not push us further away from the tactile object of its study.

Naess was leader of the first Norwegian Himalayan expedition in 1950, and now lives with his wife in a remote hut well above the treeline on the side of a mountain in central Norway. And, like Thoreau, the example of his own life is as instructive as his writing.

Grade Level: 10-12, College, Adult
US Release Date: 1993 Copyright Date: 1992
DVD ISBN: 1-59458-830-9 VHS ISBN: 1-56029-518-X

"Arne Naess is one of the world's most influential environmental thinkers...(This video) provides more than a portrait of Naess' philosophy. It shows the man himself, his influential mountaineering days, his life, and his life-style. Unlike many people today...Naess lives and apparently thrives by his ideals."
The Sustainable Futures Society

#Norway #Norge #ArneNæss #DeepEcology #documentary

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Interview with Arne Næss before the Tirich Mir expedition (1964)
Norwegian language

#ArneNæss #TirichMirExpedition1964 #mountaineer #TirichMir #expedition #deepecology
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Arne Næss was an avid boxer and it was not unusual to fight with the philosopher before interviews and conversations.
This led to NRK's debate leader, Knut Olsen, when he met the philosopher to Duel.

"He hit my nose and I actually started bleeding," says Olsen to

#ArneNæss #boxing #DeepEcology

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An interview with Arne Næss

#ArneNæss #Interview

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Arne Næss was a mountaineer. Two mountaineers filmed their climb of the mountain Stetind in Norway, the mountain also Arne Næss climbed.
The video is dedicated to Arne Næss.
You can read about this here:

#Norway #Stetind #mountain #mountaineer #video #ArneNæss
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