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There are many religions and politics that try to censor information. Then propaganda from what they think is good is the only thing that gets shown to the public. Even companies want to censor so there is no whistle blowers on anything that needs improving to any one else outside the circle.
Many claim racism as the reason to take down any apposing information of some religions.
"Censorship by religion is a form of censorship where freedom of expression is controlled or limited using religious authority or on the basis of the teachings of the religion. This form of censorship has a long history and is practiced in many societies and by many religions."

"Media The media play major roles in the development of our society: in the very act of selecting which stories to cover, and how much and for how long, by selecting which books & films to review, by selecting which music to air - through all of these things the media institutions effectively define what is and is not important in our society. Furthermore, in so doing, the media manages to frame the context of any debate and control the key terms being used. Once the media starts labeling a group in a certain way, it will become difficult to change public perception, if it is possible at all."

"So do people have the free speech moral right to harass other people? No. No they do not.
Because you see the thing about harassment, including online harassment, is that it is not about expressing a given view. It is about preventing somebody else from expressing theirs.
This is important, because a lot of people seem to think getting a negative response to their ideas is bullying, or censorship or something like that. When you put your idea out there, part of what you are advertently or inadvertently doing is testing it against the ideas of other people, and sometimes the reaction is going to be negative.
This reaction is generally not bullying. You might not like the fact that people disagree with you, or even that they might end up disliking you over that disagreement, but that in and of itself is just part of life.
Lots of people can't stand Justin Bieber's music. They are not bullying him by expressing the fact that they happen to have enough taste to not like the musical equivalent of McDonald's. ....

Now does this mean one cannot express disagreement? Of course not, but disagreement is not expressed by sending someone a photo of their own house. Nor is it expressed through threatening somebody with violence, or trying to drive them off the Internet entirely.
There is a willingness amongst all too many people to defend the bully, to make a big deal about how the complainer is always wrong, and to say “free speech” when speech degenerates into threats. I blame cartoons for this one.
A lot of the cartoons I grew up watching seemed to have this thing with the complainer always being wrong, and always being kind of sleazy about it too. Censorship is about maintaining order - about keeping a status quo where the powerful stay powerful, and the powerless stay powerless." -- Bruce Gorton

What is the future going to be like with all that censorship, and copy right ownership in such ways?
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