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Absolutely Hardcore Culinary Art! Food Blog, Cook Books, Sewing Manuals, The Geek Life, Cat Photos! Oh, and I'm one of the 100 finalists on Masterchef USA, season 4.
Absolutely Hardcore Culinary Art! Food Blog, Cook Books, Sewing Manuals, The Geek Life, Cat Photos! Oh, and I'm one of the 100 finalists on Masterchef USA, season 4.

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Hey everyone,

My latest cookbook is now available for pre-order. (Will ship a couple weeks before Amazon does, when ordered from my site.)

It's all about using hops as a flavouring ingredient in cooking and baking, (no recipes for beer!), and all of the recipes are either inherently gluten-free, or contain info on how to make them GF!

There's info on growing and harvesting your own (and you can use shoots and leaves from the bines, too!), and purchasing store-bought hops in a few different forms.

Check it out - it's the first book of its kind!


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Less than 24 hours left on our ‪#‎BeyondFlour‬ 2 pre-order campaign!
Backers receive 20% off the retail price of the book, which is full of great ‪#‎GlutenFree‬ recipes that are as good or better than the "real" thing.

Never have to make separate meals for your GF friends/family again!
Learn about some of the alternate flours out there, their properties, flavours, and how to use them to expand your kitchen flavour arsenal!

Campaign ends at 6am CDT on February 11, so don't wait !

We are still working on our stretch goal to add 20% more recipes to the book. So close!


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Just posted a big update - check it out and learn why ‪#‎GlutenFree‬ graham crackers are actually a big deal!

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Food Geeks - this one is for you!

This morning, the Kickstarter campaign for my latest cookbook went live, and I could really use your support!

Beyond Flour 2 is the sequel to my first Gluten-Free cookbook, Beyond Flour (obviously!). It's a unique cookbook in the way that I develop the recipes - all from scratch, no all purpose mixes, using particular flours specifically for their individual attributes and flavours, and sometimes even using different techniques- to come up with gluten free recipes that are as good or better than the source material.

As a result, the book is not only great for people who have to be GF (and their friends - it makes a great gift!), but also for cooking geeks interested in expanding their ingredient repertoire.

Please check it out! If you're interested in making this awesome gluten-free cookbook sequel happen, please sign on as a backer - Backers will receive their copies at least 1 month before the actual release date, and at a savings of about 20% off the cover price!

Having a really successful first day brings all sorts of perks to the campaign, and increases the likelihood of success - so I appreciate all of the help you guys can offer today - backing and sharing! (and going forward too, of course!)

No money is charged unless the campaign is successful, and that won't be until April 12.

Thank you!

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Last night, we hit the 25% mark on the ‪#‎HedonisticHops‬ cookbook campaign! Thank you so much to all of our backers - really excited to see this one through to a finished book!

We now have enough of the book developed and photographed, to be able to do a cover mockup! Of course, as more recipes are developed and photographed, we may (will probably!) swap some of these out, but it's nice to see a visual representation of the cover.

As you can see, it will be in the same layout / format as The Spirited Baker, Evil Cake Overlord, and Beyond Flour. I like keeping things consistent :)

If you haven't backed yet, or would be willing to share the info, here's the link: .

We appreciate the support, thank you!

   #Homebrew #beer #recipe #cookbook #Kickstarter  

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The Kickstarter for my upcoming cookbook, #HedonisticHops is now live!   

So please check it out, (hopefully!) back it, and spread the word ... please and thank you!

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